Don’t complain about the price of the shovel

Don’t complain about the price of the shovel


You are sitting on a Gold mine!

So don't complain about the price of the shovel!

The shovel in this case is the system that is at your beck and call
right under your fingertips with the Now Lifestyle and some of the
partner programs that are rocking it and making duplication easy!

Yes there is cost associated with running a business, just like there
was cost associated with the miners going to dig there gold or

Shovels, picks, axes, screens and more.

Online you have email automation, webinar conference, capture page
builder tools and more.

Same idea, different landscape.

It's how you use those tools and how hard you work that will result
in the outcome you desire.

Sit in the shade all day and nothing gets found...Unless you are the boss
and have a group of other people doing all the work lol!

Seriously are sitting on a GOLD MINE here with this trifecta
of systems that compliment each other.

1) Now Lifestyle:

This is a complete system for health/fitness and marketing with physical and
digital products having front end and back end bonus commission.

2) Funnel X ROI:

This is a system with 5 streams of income....One of which is Now Lifestyle as
the foundation to build your leads list and has both instant payment and
residual commission programs inside.

3) 10X BLogger:

This is an automated system of blogging and email creation that ties into the
Now Lifestyle autoresponder as well as Now Lifestyle platform to build your
business with.

Tools are a must in ANY business.

Depending on your budget and how serious you truly are, you can get all
three of these, though with a minimum, you want to at least go with #1 above
if nothing else.

You can always upgrade to the other pieces and systems/tools later on
when you start to grow or your business budget improves.

Action is needed as well...while the systems are mostly automated, there
will be some initial set up time needed on your part (though we walk you
through it all with the awesome training provided with each piece).

There will also be the need for you to drive traffic to your offers and your
links for people to check out...Guess what, we show you how to get traffic
as well, or with the Now Lifestyle, we do it for you from inside the platform.


You success is ahead of you!

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

PS...I will never be that boss that sits in the shade and lets others do all
the work...Just follow my emails, see my YouTube page, my blog and the
NLS FB Group and you will see I am always engaging with others and
providing guidance!

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