Drinking too much mountain dew can knock you out and slow your business down

Drinking too much mountain dew can knock you out and slow your business down

I stopped by one of the local bottle redemption centers a couple weeks ago after work and wanted to talk with the owner (as he has been getting ready to get a website up and start list building) and he was not there.  Instead I found his mom and dad running like crazy working around separating the bottles in exchange for money for the customers.

Mountain Dew Tickle Your Innards

As soon as they told me what they were doing there and why there son was not there, I knew what had happened.

He had been drinking too much!

Not too much alcohol, but instead SODA!

And not enough water.

So instead of growing his business and helping out his customers, he was pretty much knocked out and unable to work this job as well as his other one.

All because of soda….Mountain Dew to be specific.  I do not think he was having his “innards tickled” in the same manner as show in the image above of an old Mountain Dew Sign.

I stopped in again recently and he filled me in on his experience and I showed him how his Mountain Dew has 76 grams of sugar in it with each bottle, and he was drinking a couple of these each day…now of which he has turned his drinking habits around to include a lot more water, so his body could continue to dissolve and crystals from forming again and causing him unbearable pain and having to be decommissioned from work.

It is time like these that inside business you want to make sure you have the right tools to help you run your business when you might not be there (whether for your own enjoyment/vacation or for emergency purposes.)

I said this would be a perfect time for some great emails to send out to his list (again, he has not started to build one he can send a quick email too) to bring more people into his shop, with headlines such as these:

  • Come meet my Mom and Dad…
  • MD Knocked me over
  • The stone bonus!

People come into your business because of the people, not always the product.  I could go to a few other redemption centers around Central New York, but I love the service here and it is one of the cleanest centers I have been to.  Most others smell like rotten bottles!

He does a great job running his shop and has visions of expansion.  Having tools like Pure Leverage to help him run this in the future will help him take his business to an even higher level and is an importance for all businesses to be able to stay in contact with their client base and give them reasons to come back in.

I am sure some of you reading this post right now have bottles and cans building up either in your car trunk of in the corner of your garage that can easily be brought back for some nice returns! (no pun intended there!)

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IMAGE Credits and a neat story: http://www.livescience.com/17754-mountain-dew-dissolve-mouse-carcass.html

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