Easy Video Suite Bonus

EasyVideoSuite, the most powerful video marketing software available, is now live.

Get all the details here.

You can now record, edit, publish,
market and track all your videos
(and increase your profits)
with one easy-to-use solution.

…And get my special bonuses of awesome marketing products including but not limited to:

1) Butterfly Marketing Manuscript 3.0 Physical Book by Mike Filsaime

2) The Execution Factor Physical Book by Benjamin Jacques

3) Riding With Guru’s Physical Book by Mike Filsaime and his VIP Mastermind from 2012-13

4) Russell Brunson’s Protege Challenge which includes many dvd’s, full training binder and MP3 in physical form which will also be delivered to your house

5) Speedy Profit Creator Physical DVD

6) Self Improvement Millionaire’s Volume 1 & 2 Physical DVD

7) Lifetime text message coaching

8) A review of your video/sales page etc.

9) Value added comments for your blog/video/fanpage

10) A Copy of EZ Share Generator

…and much more to expand your marketing knowledge which is valued at over $1500 .


This Bonus is going to help you do the following:

#1 Expand your business using small little constant improvements

#2 Take action on all your idea

#3 Break through that ceiling that has been holding you back, making mistakes on your own.

You have the best of both worlds
using EasyVideoSuite and these awesome bonuses

So here’s the deal…

To get my EasyVideoSuite bonus,
this is what you do:

#1 Get EasyVideoSuite through me
using this link

#2 Forward your Clickbank receipt to me

We’ll get going on your bonuses within 24 hours so you can start improving your business.  Note: All physical products will be shipped at the completion of the guarantee period.

Any questions? (Just leave a comment below or send an email to the address above)

See you in the EVS member/facebook area!

Dave Gardner

P.S. Remember, not only will you have the
most powerful video marketing software
available in EasyVideoSuite…

(That’s going to save you a ton of time
and send your profits through the roof)

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