Easy Video Suite By Josh Barlett

Did you watch any of the NFL games this weekend?


Atlanta, New England, San Fransico and Baltimore

are some happy places this week as they will be

moving on to the next round in hopes of making it

to the Super Bowl.


This is the supreme time to see marketing at its

best…Even if you are not much of a football fan

people gather to eat, hang out, watch the great

commercials and even catch some of the game.


You have to think that these major companies

are going to run a series of tests that help them

determine whether their campaigns will be a

success of not before they spend millions of

their budget on a 30 second commercial.


Or maybe they don’t…


…Maybe it is just a team of 5-10 folks who think

they are creative and put it toegther and hope

for the best and behind the scenes show different

versions of the commerial to different areas of the

country and world.


Split testing at it’s best.  The problem though is that

they might not know the results for weeks or ever

in some cases.  For example, buying a car might come

days or weeks later where someone might remember

seeing someting in a commercial or magazine ad.


Imiagine if on the other hand you could get almost

instant feedback on your split tests.




Finding out who watched your commercial (or sales video)

along with along with how long they stayed on and

whether they opted into your form, or took your offer

and went to the sales page.


That is just one of the many features of Josh Barlett’s

new Easy Video Suite which goes live tomorrow

January 15, 2013.


Some of the other features allow you to make the whole

commercial or sales video, edit it, upload it into many

web optimized formats (and Youtube) all in once desktop

application (and soon a phone app as well)


You can also drag and drop your screen skin appearance,

social sharing buttons, commenting, facebook likes and more

with ease.


As a member of Josh Bartlett’s Easy Video Player, I

made sure I took advantage of his existing customer

special and have already secured my spot and can not

wait to start using the software and applications when

they are released tomorrow.


I want you to be able to get in quickly as well too and

be able to see some great inside views of how the

software can be used and implemented in your



Just head on over to see what he has to say about it all.


There are three videos with the first two already out

and the last one being opened any minute now in

getting ready for the official start and launch of the

Easy Video Suite tomorrow 1/15/13.


Get on the early bird list here…I will be sending you

an update later tonight in regards to my bonuses

for those who take action through my link!




To keeping it simple and Easy!


Dave Gardner


PS Go watch the videos now and see how power

can mix with simplicity



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