Empower Network 15K Formula Lesson 2 review: Compelling Content and creating traffic for your blog

Empower Network 15K Formula Lesson 2 Review Compelling Content

Regardless of what you are blogging about, one of the most important things you can do it build your list, so before you read any further, be sure to enter your name over in the top right and register for my newsletter, you so you will be the first to know when I have more compelling content to offer you like I am in this post!

Seriously though,as long as you are passionate, you can really blog about anything.  Even if you are not particularly passionate about something, but see it as a trending topic, you can also still blog about it and share it with others to see what their views are about it.

Do not just send people to the site that has the article though.  Instead create a short blog post about it and possibly embed a video for it and then share your own blog post link with your social networks.  This way, you still get eyeballs on the main topic, though instead people are seeing it on YOUR blog, not someone else’s, thus you increase your chance of generating leads at your site.

In this audio, I share more of the aha moments and tips I picked up going through the Empower Network 15 K Formula Lesson 2 which was on Compelling Content and Creating traffic for your blog.  When you are a member of the Inner Circle and upgrade to the 15K Formula, you will gain access to the full 2 hour webinar, though I cut it down to about 20 minutes of to the point overview, though you miss out on seeing it in action on the screen.

You can join the Inner Circle at http://TheDavidGardner.com/InnerCircle

In addition to blogging about your passions, sharing your content is one of the other key aspects to generating more traffic back to it.  If you write a blog, do not expect the masses to come unless you put some work into it.  This means sharing on places like your favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. with a call to action to come watch the video, listen to the audio, or read the post.

Your next call to action (CTA) of course would be on your blog itself where you want to build a list, give out content, present an opportunity or similar and your CTA should be reflective of the content in your post.  For example, in this post I am not going to ask you to join my Lacrosse website as this post if more geared towards general blogging techniques and you might not have ever even heard of Lacrosse until just saw it here in this post!

Be sure to listen to the whole audio above to find out what three steps you should take in order to get people to take action on your CTA as well as other tips shared in the Empower Network 15 K Formula Lesson 2 review.

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