Empower Network Compensation Plan changes May 2014

Empower Network Compensation Plan changes May 2014

Empower Network Compensation Plan Changes

If you are in Empower Network and have not checked your email or been to a recent Impact Event you might not know what the Empower Network compensation plan changes May 2014 with a reverse of the flow going from a pass up system with the 2nd, 4th and 6th person (then every 5th after that) to one that is going to be every 1st, 3rd and 5th passed up (then every 5th after that).


This pass up will also follow suit with the Powerline down unlimited levels.

On the surface it looks as though it could be the same as the original plan and people might wonder what the big deal is…or why would they bother.

Well here is my two cents (actually a lot more as I break down my thoughts on what it means)

Originally if you sponsored someone into your Empower Network downline, before May 29, 2014 you would not earn a pass up commission until this person had their second sale (assuming they were an affiliate actively promoting Empower Network products).  Now as of May 29, 2014 and into the future, you would earn 100% commissions (less merchant fees of course) on this members first sale.

What does that mean…Well faster commissions of course for you, which means you have a quicker chance of taking those profits and re-investing them into your business, whether through advertising or outsourcing etc.

This also mean that you should be seeing more upline support overall.

According to a David Wood statement from a May 2014 Impact Live Empower Network event, the average affiliate in Empower Network has 1.7 sales (or downline members, for example) which really means that most will have none and a few have many to average this out…but this is going to change in my opinion with the new compensation plan.

It is in the upline members best interest to help out their new downline members to follow the right steps, training and action taking in order to bring in their first downline member as well, because this upline member is going to be getting the commissions on that first sale.  Keep in mind though that they will also have passups as well to their orginal sponsor too.

For example, If I brought in Bob, Kim, Steve and Terry (in that order) I would get the first sale of anything that Bob and Steve made, but Kim and Terry would be passed up to my upline as part of their Powerline team.

If Bob brought in Judy, Steph, Didi and Pete, I would get the first sales for Judy and Didi, then I would bust my butt to help out Judy and Didi get their first sales, because guess what?  I would get the pass ups from those members as well, instead of having to wait for their second sales.

Too often members do not take any action and they never see their first sale and therefore of course,will never see their second sale to earn their first commissions either.  With the incentives I have on top of the new Empower Network Compensation Plan changes for May 2014 new members who decide to go all in with me are going to benefit as I am not only going to help them get started, but also am going to be Re-Investing into THEM with my MLM DRIP  Plan!

With the MLM Drip Plan which can be seen at http://MLMdrip.com, I will be taking a major portion of my commissions from my sales and pass ups and re-investing them back into my team.  You will want to make sure you have secured your affiliate membership as well so that you can qualify for your sales and get paid.

If you are reading this between May 31, 2014 and June 4, 2014 you will have a chance to get ALL IN with the Empower Network for a 40% discount…Yeah, what would nornally cost $5000 to gain access to the Masters Course, 15K Formula and Cost Rica Mastermind is now going to be dramatically reduced to just $2995 for a VERY short window.  If you read this after June 4, 2014 the price should have gone up and I can not guarantee any discount.

So go now and Join me at http://MLMdrip.com for all updates and be sure to then sign up with EMPOWER NETWORK HERE and get ALL in (Reduced Pricing for ALL IN members is supposed to be from June 2-4, 2014)

The best way to grow is to take action now…Do not wait until later to do what you can do now.  Get inside and dive in to the fast start training and learn the core 8 today and get one step closer to your dream life! Whether you decide to join or not, I am still going to achieve my dream life, though I would like it more if you could achieve yours as well!

Join me now at MLM DRIP for all team updates here: http://MLMdrip.com

Join me at Empower Network here: http://TheDavidGardner.com/Blogging

Remember, “You get out of it what you put into it!”

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