Everyone is in sales

Everyone is in sales

Naked Sales

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It really does not matter what your job is, we are all in sales!

Hopefully you do not feel like the naked salesman in the picture above while you are doing your job.

We are all trying to make something happen so that someone else “buys” into our work, be it trying to get a kid to eat his vegetables as a parent, urging a student to read a particular assignment, or getting a co-working to help you out with a report.

In the process we all have to provide some great reasoning as to why they would want to eat the veggies, read the textbook or help out on the spreadsheet.  People usually want to know “what’s in it for me” or WIIFM!  If you can provide a reasonable enough explanation that can be validated by past results or facts, this will often lead the the person doing what it is you wanted them to do in the first place.

Call it Persuasion

Are you really persuading people as often as you are getting them to believe it truly was their own decision (and having them come up with more reasons to justify it).  This is where you can really make your sales sky rocket.  When you get the individual to the point where they think they have made the decision themselves, that you have just about closed the sale…or gotten that kid to eat his or her greens.

There are many ways

Do you ever go in a store and feel pressured because the sales associate is right up your butt for example?  This is just one of the ways of going about getting someone to take an action, though it is also not the most appropriate.  You need to find a happy medium in your presentations to get your target buyers to take that action between being overly aggressive and so lax in effort that they might not ever know you are there.

I often feel slightly odd as well when I go into a store and I do not even see one sales associate, as though the place has turned into a ghost town.  If you disappear, so will the buyer…or in the case of the kids eating the veggies, they might go to the dog, or out the window.

Let me know below what your happy medium for getting someone to do or buy something you want, below!  I would love to hear everything from the normal to the outrageous!

Dave Gardner

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