Expand your reach beyond your blog

Expand Your Brand Beyond Your Blog

Expand Your Brand Beyond Your Blog

Creating content is one of the ways that you can get your brand name and your name out into the world. The problem is that big websites might not be willing to publish your guest posts in the early days. 

So what can you do to keep producing and sharing content that builds your backlinks and your reputation? 


Your products and services solve a problem, and every day millions of people are looking for solutions. 

A user with a burning question will head to a website like Quora, post their query, and wait for answers. 

There will be many different responses; some will be rich in information, others will have signposts to other websites. 

Your job is to highlight the pain point within the question and see how it relates to what you do. 


Medium is an exciting place to add your content. You can have a single page that looks like this: Jordan Goldenberg, or you can have a publication style pace that looks like this: BetterMarketing

You can just choose what works best for your business. Medium is a great place to post short-form content that links back to your products and website. Just remember that if you want some traction there, you’re going to need to do the work when it comes to marketing. 


Don’t forget that there is a whole world of traditional media out there, and you are free to engage with them. 

Consider your niche and see who and where is looking for pitches. You can also have a press release drafted and send that to multiple publications to see if you are interested in covering your product, process, or personally. 

Don’t discount the option of becoming a regular contributor to online magazines either. Having your name under fresh content every week will work wonders for your search rankings. 

The higher you personally rank, the more likely it is that people will find their way back to your brand. 


Formerly the StumbleUpon that we knew and loved. Mix.com encourages you to make collections of content, and within that collection, you can add your content. 

It is exciting and doesn’t take up much time, especially since you don’t need to write new content to share it there, Although fresher content is more beneficial. 

You can share content quickly using their app or on a Chrome extension - to make this work; you will have to put in at least an hour a week. 


Podcasts allow you to talk about what you do, how you do it, and the content you have already created. 

If you have a business network, reach out and see if anyone is recording on topics you are knowledgeable in. 

Or start your own and reach out to your network for potential interviewees. 

Your blog is the first step in your content being shared and enjoyed by millions (potentially); in the meantime, explore all of the options you have when it comes to having your content across more websites and in more formats. 

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