Fast Chest and triceps workout

Fast Chest and Triceps workout

Fast Chest and Triceps workout

Myth: You have to spend hours at the Gym to see results

Fact: You can get those results fast and do not even need a gym membership

So many people think that you need to spend a ton of time in the gym to get the body you want, but when it comes down to it you can really start to see results fast with the right workouts and right diet.

As shown in my video above I completed my chest and triceps workout in just under 3 you didn't see the other two sets I did before this which took about the same time so between setting up weights or the resistance bands and taking a breather in between each set, I believe I was working out for a total of 15 minutes.

Not 1-2 hours!

The workout you just witnessed was part of the Now Body platform that focuses on 7 minute workouts every other day, coupled with modifying fiber and protein in your diet. In reality it takes more than 7 minutes if you are doing multiple different exercises and are also in a real gym where you might have to take time waiting for someone to get off the machine (or get off their phone so they can finish their set is more likely from what I have seen in the past!)

It surely is not the 1-2 hours you might think you need to see the results you want.

I have a full write up about each day and the major muscle groups you can take a further look at here on my blog with examples of exercises as well:

Typically I do anywhere from 3-6 different exercises and then on active rest days I might do a brisk walk or hike, mow the lawn, ride a bike etc.  You can do whatever it is your heart desires on those off days as long as you do not get yourself to a state of muscle failure.  Getting to muscle failure in your workout is a sign of strain on the body system and is what is going to cause the muscles to tear and then repair over time to help improve your overall strength.

Giving that same muscle 10 days off to make that recovery happen is the true secret here and part of the cycle you will see on the page I just mentioned above.

Whether you are looking to get ripped or just want to fit into your old jeans again the Now Body platform can work for you and has a limited lifetime option that I would highly recommend compared to the monthly or annual fees.  Mathematically it's a no brainer when it comes to the lifetime option.

So click that link above or if you are not the workout type of person the training involved in the diet portion alone might be worth it to you...You can also click the banner right here to find more about a fiber supplement to help lose weight as well which is by the same company called LipoXPlus!

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