Freckles: Flaunt them if you got them

Freckles: Flaunt them if you got them

Just curious if you have freckles?

Even if you don’t I am sure you know someone who does.

Now you can help them flaunt it all with these great
T-shirts that I wan to tell you about today and which
relate to the Marketing Mayhem event I took part in
last week.

As I had been writing about the past month or more,
the Marketing Mayhem event was in Orlando Florida
last week and I had a blast, learned a ton, met some
awesome people fron the industry…

…And started to implement some of what I learned
right away.  Not that I have been able to take action
on everything as I have notes and notes of ideas
and action items, though I am adding bit by bit.

One of the things I wanted to do was to start adding
t-shirts, hoodies and similar items into the Lacrosse
niche which I am very passionate about and have published
a book in (and have been coaching for over 10 years!)

I am also adding some to general marketing as well
and as a redhead with freckles, I had some fun creating
this one…and will be putting more up, but it was somethign
that only took a few minutes really as the software is
simple to use.

Come see my “Freckles” shirt here to get an idea:

You too can do the same thing with your favorite
design or a quote that you come up with (as long
as they are not trademarked or copyright material!)

Start your own campaign today with TeeSpring here:

This is one of the programs who came to speak and
share ideas with us.  This week I am also testing out
another similar program that goes beyond shirts
and will print on all types of materials from mugs
to hats, and more and will fill you in the details to
how that goes later when I have some results.

For today, I want you to share the love with
your favorite Freckled person though.

Keep an eye out for my next couple emails as well
as I continue to give out some of the nuggets I
Picked up while at the Marketing Mayhem event.

You will not want to miss them as some of them
could be what gives you an aha moment or
helps you make your first buck online!

In the end, what really matters is that you are
passionate about what you are doing and that
you take action to make it happen!

Make this weekend awesome!

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