Free Hotspot Helium Crypto miner

Free Helium Crypto Miner Hot Spot

Free Helium Crypto Miner Hot Spot

FREE Helium Crypto sounds like an ideal thing, though it is going to take some work on your part because nothing is really ever truly free if you think about it.  In this case it will take some time and effort on your part and the more work you do the more you can benefit from those around you.

If you would like your FREE Assessment to see if your address and location might be a good fit for a Helium Hot spot miner and be able to earn Helium, HNT coins, then please click this link here:

Once you fill that out, within 24 hours you will receive a response with an assessment if your area is needing to have miners placed to complete and grow the network...don't fear if you are not able to mine for oversaturation as you can still earn off of the efforts of others by being an affiliate as you might know people in other towns who could benefit from this.  

Just click the big 'iHUB' banner below this post to register your affiliate account.

In addition to the assessment response (which will come both through email and text/SMS) you will also receive an additional email from me as well as a text message reminding you to complete/verify your account and location as the company provides you with a 24 hour window AFTER the assessment is sent out for you to lock in on your personal address and territory.

Once you agree and get set up you will see a members area with extensive training on how to share with others and how you can plan a hot spot and communicate with your lead for sending them an assessment as well.

For those that qualify for a free helium hot spot miner there may be a s/h charge on the equipment, though these crypto miners usually range from $400 USD and higher. 

Again if you do not want to get a miner but still want to benefit from the work of others you can just become an affiliate by clicking the big banner right here:

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