Funnel X ROI Review of David Dekel Marketing System

Funnel X ROI Review of David Dekel Marketing System

Funnel X ROI Review of David Dekel Marketing System

What is Funnel X ROI

Funnel X ROI by David Dekel is a free to join marketing system with multiple streams of income on the back end including training on advertising and traffic generation with connections to programs including but not limited to Easy1Up, Now Lifestyle, ClickMagick, Funnel X Advance as well as future programs that are not competitive with each other, though instead compliment each other.

David Dekel literally walks you through step by step in setting your Funnel X ROI system up and registering for the programs in which you are ready to invest and join in.  You are not required to join in any though your account would possibly have pass ups on commissions should you sponsor someone into the system who then decides to upgrade to a position that you do not hold yourself.

Programs inside Funnel X ROI

Some of the programs inside have one time prices/purchases, like with the Easy1Up platform, though there are many levels to choose from.  There are no monthly fees associated with the Easy1Up system.  This is a training system on all aspects of internet marketing and working from home using a computer.  After only 61 leads inside of the Easy1Up system I have made $250 USD.

Easy1Up Commissions Earned by Dave Gardner

Now Lifestyle is a health/fitness and marketing tools platform with the email autoresponder system that ties into Funnel X ROI, where David Dekel actually writes the emails for us as shown in the video above.  

I first decided to reach out to David as he was in my downline in the Now Lifestyle as he was crushing it in our leaderboard and growing my left leg nicely.  After another member of my left leg, Ontarian Hawkins started to take massive action as well and help my left leg continue to grow I have reached out to them both again to see what it was exactly they were doing...which is when I really learned about and started to take a deeper look at the Funnel X ROI system.

I wanted to re-create this massive growth on my right leg to balance out my binary matrix for back end team volume bonus commission cycles and so I basically went all in with Funnel X ROI, Funnel X Advance and Easy1Up.  I had already been an all in member of the Now Lifestyle.

How to Get Funnel X ROI

You can easily join us in Funnel X ROI by going to and creating your free account or clicking one of the big bars on this page that tell you to do the same!

Once inside, David will hold your hand and lead you step by step in setting up your accounts and you will be linked to me in the Now Lifestyle which is my main program (as well as linked to me in the others should you decide to upgrade there as well).  The Now Lifestyle is a program where I am currently #12 all time in commissions with over $33K in about year and a half working this part time (as I am a full time high school science teacher).

Now Lifestyle Commissions earned by Dave Gardner

NOTE: If you just want to join Now Lifestyle and not be involved in other streams of income at this point of your business growth and marketing budget, just please go to where you can get started for just $9.99/month and earn 50% commissions on that level as well as binary matrix bonuses on team volume over time.

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  • September 19, 2019

    Dennis! You are right…the system works when you take action on it and are consistent! Best to you as well!

    July 30, 2019

    Great site David clear and very informative as to how the funnel x roi system works I thing these guys are onto something and frankly I cant get in fast enough good luck for the future

    Dennis (

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