Getting Traffic to your website and turning it into cash with Daegan Smith at Pure Leverage live

As I continue to dive through my old notes from the original Pure Leverage live event I came across Daegan Smith’s speech on Getting Traffic to your website and turning it into cash.

Daegan Smith at Pure Leverage live

Daegan Smith at Pure Leverage live

AS he said, “If you have the right audience, you can never go broke!”

The big issue of course is getting that audience there AND keeping them entertained.

For that of course you would need a capture page and more importantly a system to capture emails on that page (or other contact information) to be able to engage with and follow up with your subscribers.

That is where Pure Leverage and their awesome tools come in.

You still have to be able to drive traffic to your site so lets hit upon some of the key aspects of what he shared with us which are pretty consistently bringing sales to marketers worldwide and in many niches.

One of the biggest questions is whether to go Paid or Free in the marketing and groups will argue which is better and more lucrative.  If you want it fast, Paid would be the way to go and test your content.  If you can be more patient, and wait for organic results, you can focus on free methods.

On your lead capture page you want the viewer to feel safe, but at the same time curious and wanting more so that they are willing to give you their email address (note: the less you ask for the more they are willing to give and once they become a paying customer, they will provide their details anyways, especially if you have to ship them a physical product).

If you think about your own mindset the last time you bought something, take some of those same aspects and put them into your own follow ups.  For example, what was it that made you want to BUY NOW!  Take that same idea and tweak it to fit your pages.

You want to be able to always see if you can compete with your own pages to see if they will bring better conversion rates, and having or running a split test if the way to go.  You would send half of your traffic to site A and the other half to site B and see which one gets a better click through rate and/or ROI, or return on investment to see which one you want to spend more time and effort on.

These are some of the ways to drive paid traffic:

  • Solo Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Pay Per Click

These are some free methods of driving traffic:

  • Youtube
  • Blog
  • Article writing

Having a balance of both is great, though at least get the free options up and running when you first get started online as you never know what people will search for through google, bing, yahoo and other search engines.

If you are not collecting your own leads, you should start doing it here now with Pure Leverage

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