Going about internet marketing all wrong

Going about internet marketing all wrong

youre doing it wrong in marketing

I recently went through every blog post I have written at TheDavidGardner.com just to get an idea of old titles used as well as to get their links in case I want to link to other posts easier within my blog or to use as backlinks for other blogs where I might leave comments.

As I looked through much of my beginning…and I mean my first few years I was going about internet marketing all wrong!

It seemed as though every single blog post was a review of someone else’s website or product and I would have some content of my own in there now and again.

That is just wrong.

We all go through that phase where we want to be a master affiliate and share with the world what is available for them to train with and hopefully buy (resulting in the main goal of a commission!)

I find myself now working the mix of making my posts more content rich which still being able to have a call to action on select services, and I focus on about 4-5, consistently, though back when I began it seemed like most of my posts were all about different products and offers.

So what do I focus on now as my big consistent items in marketing: Read as I would suggest these to ANYONE getting in to online marketing.

* Pure Leverage For the tools and software to run my business (and 100% commissions!)
* Empower Network For the training and tools to grow my business (and 100% commissions!)
* Magnetic Sponsoring Elite Marketing Pro Again, this has awesome training and courses as well as tools (and 100% commissions!)
* My Own products and websites (Both in the Marketing and Lacrosse niche) with lead generation and using the knowledge and tools from the above three places.

I am not going to say I do not purchase and review other products as well to see if it can help me out, like I did recently with Pic Redirect and WP-Speedy Links Plugin, though they are not my main focus.

I am still working on making my main focus, myself and my business and how it can help you and everything I have done up to this point in my marketing career has helped to mold me and give me experiences that are priceless.

Remember, you can always learn from your mistakes and failures, just do not continue to keep making them, but instead use them as experiences from which to grow.  Realize that failure allows you to see what does not work well, thus you can focus on doing it another way the next time around.

Keep taking action and tweaking to see what works well with your business and be genuine in the process.  Even if I wrote a ton of blog posts…well over 200 to be more specific…and had many offers inside for affiliate products, these were usually ones I personally owned and have benefited from in my business, thus I felt obligated to share them with you over the years.

I will continue to share what works and what does not.  It is up to you if you want to keep listening to my advice and actually act upon it some day or just continue to sit there and get nothing done.

Make something happen today!

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