Google Plus Lead Follow Up for Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Challenge

Google Plus Lead Follow Up for Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Challenge

Last night on the launch webinar for the Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Challenge is where I picked up a great tip on how to use Google + to engage with leads and follow up with those who might be blocked otherwise in your email autoresponder system.

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All too often we collect a leads list in marketing, only to see that some of them are fake, while others yet are blocked for other reasons, some of which might be that the person clicked the spam button.

Using social media sites like Google + as well as Facebook, you are easily able to copy your leads email addresses into the search bars of these sites and see if an actual account exists with a real person attached to it like I show with my own Google + account in this image:

Google Plus Email Paste

Google Plus Email Paste

If so, engage them and reach out to touch base with them in regards to why you are contacting them (for example, they opted into your lead capture page for the Elite Marketing Pro course for example) and to find out how you can hep them.

It is all about opening the lines of communication with your leads to develop a relationship and help solve their problems.

Currently as of May 12, 2014, I am participating in a 60 day challenge and one of the tasks to earn points is to connect with our leads in the social scene.

You can find out other great tips like this and more at

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