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Growing Your Business in a Time of Quarantine

Growing Your Business in a Time of Quarantine

Shut down and don’t have customers coming into your store or perhaps customers who don’t want you to come to their homes for fear of getting sick?

This is a huge problem for the local businesses around the globe.  While places like Walmart and Costco made a killing during the COVID 19 Corona Virus hysteria in mid-March, other places like restaurants, bars, and other non-essential companies have instantly been placed on a halt which leaves them struggling to pay the bills and more importantly their employees relying on those places for some sense of financial security.

People are starting to scramble to figure out how they are going to get through these next few weeks (or months) and be able to put food on their plates and of course toilet paper in their bathrooms, which due to the panic buying that took place, was a very interesting scenario to witness.  While I may have experienced lack of essential supplies when I lived in the South Pacific as a Peace Corps Volunteer 20 years ago, it is something we normally take for granted in the United States and do not expect to run out of.

It does not have to be a complete struggle for businesses and this is actually a perfect time to ramp up your current online business presence or even consider a work from home or online business on the side.  At this moment everybody is home and spending even more time online, checking their email, watching social media and more and this is a perfect opportunity to get yourself in front of them.

Here are some strategies and recommendations you can start to implement today to help make it through these turbulent times so that we can all come out strong weeks from now:

  • Have a website with an opt in form for people to connect and get your newsletter or a free training/course/background on how your business will help your customer
  • Have a Facebook Fanpage/Instagram account and ask people to connect with you there to find out more and see the goods you offer
  • Have a YouTube account to create videos sharing your offers and how they can take the pain points away from your ideal customers (post it on your website, Facebook Fanpage and email your customer database about it)
  • Offer a discount (if possible) for purchase of future work (think Groupon)
  • Call your former customers to see if there is any work they need done remotely or soon
  • Offer a product you can ship them and offer free shipping on it if that is possible
  • Host a live webinar/online conference with your clients
  • Make a delivery of an item (following safety protocols of course)
  • Have a contest online (think social sharing of your Facebook Fanpage/Instagram or even website opt ins) for everyone that likes/follows or opts in for a free product/service when the quarantine ends and gets people connected to you.
  • Continue to educate yourself on your business and building an online presence and stay as healthy and as calm as you can in the process.

With these TEN strategies, you can start to take action today to help your business move forward and continue to grow.  It is those businesses who adapt and implement strategies like this that will continue to progress and survive while others who refuse to improvise may unfortunately see the demise of their company, which we do not want to see happen.

You hear it over and over again about having a back up plan and while I do not believe anyone ever expected anything of this level to ever happen to their business or to any of the businesses around the world right now, we must move forward and continue to help each other out to become successful as businesses and as a community.

Many of us grew up and have spent much of our lives here, thus we must be determined to succeed with whatever we face these next weeks and months and work our best to come out on top of it all.

I am always willing to help anyway I can so please reach out and let me know how I can be of help to your online growth.  One recommendation I can make is to grab a copy of the new book “Traffic Secrets” by my mentor Russell Brunson (who many of you may remember was the person responsible for taking me to Kenya back in 2012) as well as his other Secrets books as they have massive value on running a business online.  You can get his hardcover book free (just cover $9.95 s/h) by visiting this link

To your continued success!

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