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Handy Marketing Tactics For Law Firms

Handy Marketing Tactics For Law Firms

Marketing best practices differ depending on which industry you operate in. To grow your company and widen your reach, use at least a few marketing tactics that are specific to your industry. For a few handy ideas, have a try of these options.

1) CRM software for law firms

Choosing industry-specific CRM software can help you to improve your customer relationships and your marketing efforts. The following options are a few of the leading CRM platforms for lawyers:

  • Legally CRM: Legally CRM is a software platform designed specifically for lawyers and law firms. The platform can help you to organize your customer accounts, nurture your relationships and improve comms and marketing.
  • Clio: Using this legal client relationship management software, you can build stronger client relationships. It’s easy to check the status of every client with one glance, gaining a clear picture of their interactions. You can organize contact using various tags (all of which are fully customizable).

With the right CRM software you’ll help your business to secure more sales.

2) Reviews & Testimonials

It’s not common for clients to use reviews to form an opinion of a law firm. There are several sites that you can use to allow previous clients to review your services:

  • This site has over 150 years of matching clients and lawyers. Client’s can search for a lawyer by practice including personal injury, criminal defense, family law and so on. The site evaluates both ethical behavior and lawyer ability. 
  • The Avvo site lets clients browse lawyers by practice area, city or state. It’s a highly trusted review site, and so a few glowing reviews on here will help to put your company on the map.

3) Educational Content Marketing

Providing educational content is a fantastic way to market yourself. The modern consumer wants so much more than a mere product or service. They want to learn, be entertained, and engage with brand values. Whether it’s law-based blog articles, industry themed webinars, or engaging infographics, aim to create educational content that stands out.

4) The Right PR Agency

Working with a high performing PR agency is a fantastic way to boost your marketing. A great PR agency will cover content and publishing, practice marketing, personal branding and so on. When you choose a PR agency that specializes in your industry, you’ll ensure that you’ll ensure that your campaigns are relevant to your goals. Elite 

Lawyer Management is an excellent legal marketing and PR agency, with plenty of expertise in supporting law firms. For more information, check out

5) SEO Tactics

To drive traffic to your website, it’s essential to use SEO tactics. There are several tools which can help you to manage your SEO campaigns, including Google Analytics, Answer The People, and Ubersuggest. SEO best practices are always changing, and these are a few of the latest SEO trends for 2020:

  • Optimize For Voice Search: Voice searches are fast growing in popularity, so you should ensure that you optimize your content like so. To do this, adopt a conversational tone and use long-tail keywords.
  • Content quality: Improving your content is one of the best ways to boost your SEO and improve your credibility.

6) Try Video

Video marketing is one of the most popular tactics for modern businesses; there are plenty of benefits to using video marketing, including:

  • Increased engagement: Video marketing can help you to forge a deeper connection with your audiences and increase engagement.
  • Improved credibility: With a top-notch video marketing campaign, you’ll ensure that your company is perceived as more credible.
  • Increased ROI: Video marketing increases dwell time, boosts conversions, and consequently, increases ROI.

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