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Having a Back up Plan like Gotham

Having a Back up Plan like Gotham

Do you have a backup plan if something goes wrong?

Gotham has Batman...

...But what is your back up plan?

For example we could speak of this in regards to health and wealth as without one, the other is pointless.  As I put my thoughts down here my heart lies heavy with my girlfriend who just learned that her boss passed away.

She works between two dental offices and as of yesterday worked pretty much 5 days a week.  Though her heart was broken for a number of reasons.  The passing of her employer and friend and then of course all of the uncertainty that instantly arrives with what the future will bring based on potential closing of the office she works in.

Now I know with her skills and passion for her career that many offices would welcome her on their staff, though there is no guarantee of that.  In reality the only guarantees we have living in the United States as they sometimes claim are death and taxes.

This is why we need to have a back up plan established for scenarios like this to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Many years ago after my 3rd daughter was born, I took it upon myself to learn more and start building a business part time to be able to help financially between the cost of children overall along with the potential for college payments and future weddings.

Taking Action on Life

I want to be able to provide my daughters with many things and experiences I had growing up and sometimes even having a good paying job does not always cut it.  I needed to do more and to make more.

I needed a back up plan.

I had (and still have) the vision that success is within my reach as I continue to help others in many parts of my life:

  1. Teaching
  2. Coaching Lacrosse
  3. Training subscribers/clients online

While I have had many successes and failures in the process, I continue to grow and get closer to that success level and in the past year and a half I have taken it upon myself to also make my health a success as well.

It truly does not matter how much wealth I have or create if I do not have good health...While my children might be able to benefit down the road, I would not be able to enjoy it with them and that is a major vision of mine.  Being able to do things and take them places for many years to come.

So I added workouts into my business growth.  Yes, I joined a health and fitness program that was tied to a marketing system so that I could get the best of both worlds.  I am building my legacy on the business side of things to be able to leave to my children and am also getting healthier at the same time.

Dave Gardner Father of Three

I know I will not be here forever, though I want the time I am here to feel like I could live forever.  I want to feel great overall and do not want to leave my children and girlfriend with the overwhelming uncertainty of what could happen or what they would need to do next, should I have a serious health concern.  I want them to be taken care of and not have to worry about many loose ends that need to be tied up.

Everything I do is geared towards a bigger picture of making life better for my family.

Whether it is testing out new advertising methods, or staying up late to learn from a webinar or training to continuing to read books and listening to audio in my car (Drive Time University!!!) I will do what it takes to continue growing and achieving success and will refuse to quit along the way.

The same goes for my health...Whether it is the workouts 3-4 times a week, going for walks, adding more fiber and protein in my diet and cutting back on drinks I will continue to make myself better for them.

Now while I can not dial up the Bat Phone or send a message out into the sky for Batman to come save the day, I can take consistent action on my own life to help keep me on the right path.  I can help guide and control what might happen to me, or at least cause certain things to happen (I know somethings are clearly out of our control).

Life to the Fullest

My wish for you is to have your own back up plan in place.  Live life to the fullest and take massive calculated risks at time.  Enjoy fine things and take caution when you need to and know you should.

Most of all, do not live with any regrets.

We are here for a blink of an eye when you compare the age of the earth, so enjoy each moment of it with the goal of building a massive legacy to eventually leave for your loved ones...Though be sure to enjoy it in the process.  Remember, you get out of it what you put into it.

Success in our relationships (friends, family, loved ones) to success with business is often a direct result of how you act and re-act to scenarios.  Do not be afraid of the idea of failure.  We all fail, though it is those of us who continue to get up and take action that will continue to see success over time.  

I want you to be one of those people who keeps getting up and takes action on their back up plan.

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