Help Ukraine

Helping the Ukraine and your list at the same time

Helping the Ukraine and your list at the same time

Shit got real these past couple days!

Excuse my language, though that is the reality of it.

Right now you are getting this email because the company I use to send the messages is located in Texas.

40% of their support staff and development team however are located in the Ukraine.

The city they are located in has been heavily bombed...

...I was informed today from the CEO that while not one of our team has been injured, they are in hiding, living in bomb shelters and other places with no internet, no power and little to no food or resources.

For this I am thankful and I keep sending good vibes and thoughts to those who are affected.

I teach science in an area of Central NY that has often through the years had many immigrant families and I have often had students from both Russia and the Ukraine in my classes.

They were always good kids who liked to joke around...especially the boys, while the girls were often very shy due to lack of language, but it would come around over the year(s).

I can not even imagine what is going on in their minds and hearts with all of this.

This week is mixed emotions for me as it is also the 61st celebration of the Peace Corps.  I lived and served overseas as a volunteer in the Solomon Islands from 1998-2000 (where ironically there was also ethnic tensions occurring).

Each day during the school week surrounding March 1, I always do a "Peace Corps Week" for my students sharing what the Peace Corps is/does and about the country I served and my experiences.

One of my biggest goals is to show my students that there really is so much out there in the world today.

I want to keep keep exploring the world and seeing new places though I also want those places to be safe and full of happy people.

All too often it seems like that is not the case, such as in the Ukraine, which brings me to the business side of things.

The whole point of an email list is to provide value and make sales when it really comes down to it.

When you can help yourself and others in the process it makes it that much better.

Right now the CEO of the company is still paying the employees regardless of them not having worked for the last days because of being at war.

Every sale that comes into the company helps pay the bills and provide some much needed assistance in the process.

This is where you come in and can start to build your own business (and act on any goals and dreams you might have in the process)

You have many options:

1) Log in at and then upgrade whatever membership you have (I recommend clicking on the Reseller Center and then clicking the List Elevate Funnel which is rocking since it launched last week

2) If you want a fresh start and have not created an account yet (or forgot the details to it) just go right to LE here:

3) If you want to get healthy click on the Health and Wellness or Now Body Tab and upgrade there as well or again if fresh then use this link instead:

4) Increase your knowledge and click on the Now Academy tab and upgrade to some of the extra training provided in the members area.

5) Get Ad Free video creation, hosting and streaming to grow your brand with here:

Again, not only will every sale help keep the support staff getting some necessary funding in survival but it will also help your business growth as well.

Let's do this!

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