Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Online Reviews

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Online Reviews

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Online Reviews

It’s no secret that everyone lives in a digital age where their purchasing decisions become guided by online reviews. They help shoppers consider whether a product, service, or brand is right for them and their needs.

The trouble is, some businesses ignore their online feedback and operate in a state of blissful ignorance, unaware that some or even most of their online reviews don’t give their brands a high rating among consumers.

With that in mind, here are some reasons why you need to start paying more attention to your brand’s online reviews:

Defamation of Character

Let’s face it: your business and the industry or sector it operates in are unlikely to be unique. Therefore, you will most likely have several competitors. If your brand is doing exceptionally well, your competitors won’t be happy about that fact.

Why? The answer is simple: you are taking away more of their market share. The ugly truth is that some competitors will happily defame competing brands to eliminate them from the market. One way they do so is by posting multiple negative reviews.

If you get a flurry of one-star reviews online and you know for a fact the claims made in them are 100% untrue, you are probably looking at fake reviews orchestrated by one or more of your competitors.

In extreme situations, you may need to hire an online reputation management agency to help reverse the effects of those fake negative reviews.

Feedback for Improvement

There isn’t a business on the planet that can confidently claim they do everything right 100% of the time. All organizations make mistakes, and some go unseen by those brands. How can you make sure that you take actionable steps to put things right when required to do so?

One way is by monitoring the feedback left by your customers in their online reviews of your brand and its products and services. For example, you may encounter common themes, such as slow shipping times or confusing online checkout processes.

If you don’t keep an eye on your online feedback, you may not realize there are problems to fix until it’s too late and hardly anyone is buying from you.

Online Reviews Help for SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is crucial for all brands that have an online presence, whether they sell products and services online or not. Did you know that online reviews help boost your SEO?

For example, if people leave tens, hundreds, or even thousands of reviews on your popular products, Google and other search engines are likely to recommend your brand as a primary seller of those products.

That’s part of the reason why many online retailers request that customers leave feedback on independent review websites like Feefo or TrustPilot.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that online reputation management is an essential element for any business with an online presence. It pays for your brand to keep a constant watch on its online feedback through various review sites and social media.

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