How to Build your LiveGood Team

How to Build Your LiveGood Team

How to Build Your LiveGood Team

LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky shares deep for a Master Class in sales and team building. Also on the call is Nauder Khazan, the Director of Network Marketing and Ryan Goodkin, the Director of Product Development.

While there are many ways to engage with people and try to build a team in any Multi-level marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing business there are definitely things and strategies that some may teach which should be avoided at all costs like just blatantly spamming your prospect with a link and no engagement or proper communication.

Often it could be a simple question to ask them how they build their business or what strategies are they using that results in the best rates of sponsoring someone.

LiveGood is a new MLM that offers health and wellness products at extremely competitive rates.  While some companies might make a bottle of multi-vitamins for example and charge $60, LiveGood has them priced at only $10 for members and $18 retail, both of which are similar to what you might find at a bulk store or grocery store near you.

See the complete list of products being offered as of January 2023 (more in the pipeline)

  • Multivitamins (him/her) ($10/$18)
  • Magnesium ($9/$18)
  • Plant Based protein ($22/$34)
  • Super Greens ($18/$30)
  • Super Reds ($18/$30)
  • CBD Oil (for humans and pets) ($18/$28 and $14/$22 respectively)
  • Coffee ($18/$29)
  • Essential amino acids ($20/$30)
  • Joint and inflammation management ($19/30)
  • Energy booster ($18/$28) 
  • Youth and skin serum ($15/$25)

As you can see there are many products here that are being used by a wide variety of the worlds population so a big factor to keep in mind is to pay attention to what people are using and just ask them a question.  Price point alone could get someone to try out LiveGood and become a raving customer.

What makes LiveGood a great model for team building and duplication is the low price point of the products as businesses should be customer and product based and it creates a much wider base of people who can afford the products, compared to some which have high price points and it often ends up being the distributors alone who are hoarding a bunch of product that they might never use, or sell for that matter.

Come take a tour for yourself and see what LiveGood is all about by clicking this link!


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