How To Create The Highest Converting Lead Booby Trap On Planet Earth With Pure Leverage Leader Daegan Smith

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Here is part 3!

In your business there are some things  that matter a little, some things that  matter a LOT.

What I discuss with you today trumps  them all.

For the simple reason that if you don’t  get this one skill right nothing else  matters.

Lets do a quick recap here before we  dive in …

In lesson one I described what I  consider to be the greatest opportunity  in the history of capitalism, which is:

In lesson two I shared with you the most  life changing traffic getting strategy  of them.

And both lessons are below if you missed  them, so don’t fret, there will be ample  opportunity for you to catch up.

For now, I need your full attention  because THIS here today is where the  rubber truly meets the pavement.

When I first got started online I was so  excited and “money hungry” I did  anything that seemed to be an easy fast  path to riches, and as a result I wasted  a lot of time and money getting no where  fast.

If you’re just getting going, there are  two things you need to do before I lay  out your game plan for fast profits . .  .

1. Forget about what seems to be the  freest and easiest path. Things like  sending messages to safelists or hanging  out tweeting all day without rhyme,  reason, or structure. It’s just not  going to get you anywhere.

The funny thing about us is we tend to  always flow to the path of least  resistance first, it’s good advice to  not fall into this trap.

2. Give into the obsession. You’re  online. You’re reading this right now  for one simple reason, you’ve either got  a full on addiction to cracking the  internet code or you soon will.

This is a good thing. Give into it.  Trust it. And use that energy wisely  making the right moves, not the easiest  ones.

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s  dig in and get moving on lead getting  the right way . . . Here’s what’s next.


The internet is ONLY a medium of  leverage it’s not magic.

Good old business principles still  apply.

In order for your business to run,  you’ve got to figure out two things:

1. What You’re Selling: McDonald’s sells  hamburgers. They know that, you know  that. there is no confusion. It’s got to  be the same way in all that you do.

What are you selling? Well, if you’re  like me, in a word it’s “opportunity”  and this series focuses is focused on  helping you leverage the hottest one of  them all in the marketplace:

Don’t try to be all things to all  people.

It’s a time waster.

2. Who Are You Selling To: Once you know  what you’re selling it becomes far  easier to “find” ideal prospects for it.

For instance, if you’re in the  opportunity market you’re NOT selling  health and wellness or whatever your  companies product is, you’re selling the  opportunity for a better lifestyle  through your companies products or  services.

You’re looking for people who want more  money.

Once you’ve got a firm grip on what  you’re selling and who you’re selling  to, next you ask . . . Where do I find  them?

The mistake most people make (including  myself) is they just go. They never ask  themselves who they’re looking for and  as a result they find everyone and no  one. And you’re looking for neither.

You’re really looking for a “prospect” for what you have to sell them. We  already discussed that you’re searching  for people looking for opportunity so  where do you find “opportunity” prospects?

If you followed along yesterday then you  already know where and how to find them.

They’re on other people’s lists and  yesterday I walked you through the steps  for how to get their eyeballs on your  opportunity.

But even with this understanding …

We’re still left with a problem “How do  we get your prospects attention and then  turn them into leads?”

Have you ever been to the mall in the  food court section and walked past one  of the vendors who’s giving away free  samples? Do the exact same thing . . .

You first get peek the interest of your  prospects and have them take the first  proactive action towards you by offering  them a “sample” of what you’ve got.

“But Daegan, I don’t have a sample to  give away”

Don’t worry, you don’t need one. You  just need to understand the concept and  this analogy.

The way to attract the MOST prospects to  your door is to think of them like  thirsty deers in a forest.

If a deer is thirsty and let’s say a  pond is within site what does the deer  do?

It doesn’t bolt over to the pond to take  a drink.

Instead it very methodically and very  carefully survey’s the scene.

If there’s nothing to alarm the deer it  will make it’s way slowly to the  drinking whole.

So in other words, when you’ve trying to  attract prospects flash doesn’t count.

It hurts.

When you see busy landing pages with  flashing arrows and all sorts of  graphics and videos this is like  ruffling the bushes in the forest.

Do this and the deer does not drink. It  evacuates the premisses.

Your landing page should be very simple.

Very calm.

In fact, in all my testing I’ve found  that a greyish background tends to work  the best to create this “calm” effect.

Once you get this right, then …

The only thing that matters is how  thirsty the deer is, and the good news  is for you …

With your prospects you control this.

Remember when I said to get the  attention of your prospects you give  them a free sample?

Well, the sample I’m speaking to is  curiosity.

The higher the curiosity of your  headline on your landing page the MORE  prospects you’ll catch.

Here’s one of my top converting landing  pages I’ve created for a client that  resulted in an over 70% opt in rate:

What is that page other than curiosity?

Do you also see how that page, other  than the headline, is completely  calming?

Now do you see why you don’t need a  physical sample yourself?

As long as the curiosity you use to  attract and convert your prospect is  congruent with your opportunity (as in  that example it was congruent with David  Wood and David Sharpe’s Empower Network)  then that’s all you need.

If you understand these two simple ideas  – the free sample & the thirsty deer –  then I’ve essentially just given you a  lesson that’s taken me 5 years and cost  me more than three million dollars to  learn myself.

And that’s a lesson you can take to the  bank.

Use these ideas to create a high  converting landing page yourself and you  will create the highest converting lead  booby trap on the planet or my name  ain’t “The King Of Never Calling A  Single Lead” …

But, for those of you in brave enough to  join ranks with me in PureLeverage I’m  going to take this lesson to the next  level.

Here’s what I’m prepared to do for those  of you who enroll and upgrade to VIP (so  I know you’re serious about all this –  well quasi because $97 aint breaking no  bodies bank.) – so make it happen if you  haven’t here:

(If you have then, good for you because  this is now just another goodie coming  your way.)

What I’m going to do is, I’m going to  create one of these pages with you.

I’ll hold a private, VIP members only  training, where I’ll bring all the tools  you’ll need to create your own high  converting lead booby trap & all you’ve  got to do is show up with your  PureLeverage autoresponder and we’ll  create magic together.

You’ll leave that session with your very  own lead getting machine that will build  you a list to likes few have seen.

Fair deal?

Join ranks here:

And then follow the instructions here:

To access your bonus and we’ll create  your list building website together.

And don’t worry …

I know we haven’t covered how to follow  with your list yet.

That’s what tomorrow is for. See you  then …

To the top,


P.S. Watch this for instructions on how  to upgrade to VIP & access your free  copy of Solo Ad Secrets:

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