How to Dilly Dally your way to Internet Marketing success

How to Dilly Dally your way to Internet Marketing success

So I was going through some old videos on my computer, trying to clean space for new videos and came across this one of my then 6 year old daughter explaining what it took to build a website, which of course is one of the integral pieces needed by online marketers and businesses.

She was quite amusing, especially about driving a hard bargain!

The point is that many people are online today doing just that…Dilly Dallying, but not really taking action and following up on what they do, thus they seem to fade into nothing.

Well the other day I was on Facebook and Lawrence Tam was posting something very similar in regards to Marketing questions he was asking he kids, so I posted my video (seen above) as a response and said how easy it was and he had a great response, which you can see here:

Lawrence Tam Dilly Dally

Too often, they are just goofing around with no real goal or end game in site.  They lack the vision of what they want and what could be if they do the right thing and as he mentioned, they “don’t get paid”

What is it you are doing with your time?

  • Wasting it on social media
  • Surfing Youtube videos
  • Gaming
  • Instant Messaging

Now I know these all can be beneficial in one way or another if approached the right way, though I really do not think they are going to be helping your bank unless you are really taking action, serving others and helping them achieve what they want in these areas.

One of the biggest things you need to keep in mind is that you should be following and implementing what the leaders are doing.  That is why they have developed into leaders.

When they tell you to do something, it is because they have done it as well and it has lead to some positive result.

That does not mean that it is the end all and savior of internet marketing lessons, though it could be something that gets you to your first lead, sale or downline member reaching out and joining you.  Now do not go out there and try to be a parrot to the elite, though watch what they are doing and mimic it.

You also need to put your own twist on it and this often comes out just in your own personality.  Be sure you share it.  People would much rather see you make mistake and see that you are more like them, than different from them as they will be able to relate to you better.

You have to take action though.  If you search through many of my past blog posts (and you will also read them in my future ones) the idea of taking action is highly regarded as one of the keys to success and this I include it often.  Remember, no action = no results.

So stop your dilly dallying and take some serious action on whatever it is you’re passionate about and help others solve a problem.

If you are looking for guidance and want to join forces with the likes of Lawrence Tam and myself, the Empower Network is a great system with marketing tools and training to get you headed on the correct path.  When you follow the guidance of the leaders and take daily action, you will start to see your business grow in many ways.

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