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How to Earn Commissions in the Now Lifestyle

How to Earn Commissions in the Now Lifestyle

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You can easily get your account set up with us today and start earning commissions tonight if you take action and follow the steps provided in the members area.  You do need to work at this as commissions to do not come just for joining or showing up...You need to actively sponsor people or develop a customer base of people who purchase the products that the Now Lifestyle has to offer which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Now Body 7 Minute workouts
  • Now Body sport supplements (whey protein, Psyllium husk fiber in capsule and powder, Elevate energy boost, Creating HCL)
  • Now Body resistance band home gym
  • Now Lifestyle Online webinar conference software
  • Now Lifestyle/Send Shark email autoresponder software
  • Now Lifestyle Lead capture system

Main Now Lifestyle Membership Levels

There are a few membership levels you can have and each has a different price point and access.  Unlike most businesses with a team building binary matrix, there is no required volume of physical products you need to possess on a month to month basis.  These include the following as of October 2018:

  1. Free Trial : Limited access and no credit Card required: Register at for this to get a taste
  2. VIP: $9.99/month which you can register for and get started in earning 50% commissions on this level at
  3. Platinum: $50/month which is available as an upgrade once you join and allows you to earn 50% commissions on both the VIP and the Platinum Levels as well as up to $20/cycle on the back end binary matrix
  4. Now Lifestyle University: $997 to $1497 based on your purchase time (One time purchase only) and is only accessible for Platinum members to upgrade to and pays out 50% commissions.  If you are a Platinum member and DO NOT purchase this product, though sponsor someone who ends up upgrading to this level, you will pass up your commissions on this product to your sponsor or the next upline member who has this level.  These members are often referred to as ALL IN, or Mavericks.

Please be sure to watch the video to see how binary matrix commissions are calculated as well as access the comp plan which is available from the members area and will be updated over time.  As mentioned above, you can come in and get started for less than $10/month and with only two referrals you will have your account basically paid for.

It will take action, consistency and work to build you team though with a refusal to quit and a great mindset, your success path is within reach!

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