How to give back to your employees

How To Really Give Back To Your Employees

How To Really Give Back To Your Employees

Even today, one in two employees say they are demotivated by a lack of recognition from their company. Indeed, in addition to more modern management, valuing the investment of its employees is essential to engage them. But how do you go about promoting and effectively thanking your employees? A lot of the time, the incentive and motivation is decreased. That is why bosses and managers should be on the lookout to see how they can incentify their staff. And oftentimes it doesn’t take a lot.


Faced with the increasingly strong expectations of employees in search of meaning and recognition, managers must encourage the taking of initiatives and the expression of proposals within their teams. The authoritarian and ultra-directive management is over, it no longer corresponds with a good working environment. It is by leaving a real place for employees, by giving them autonomy in achieving their objectives, that they will feel valued and considered. 


Thanking your employees also means recognizing and rewarding their loyalty. Indeed, they spend time in the company and make sacrifices for their work. Management must therefore be aware of this and celebrate this loyalty. For this, many things can be put in place such as highlighting the seniority of employees. For example, every corporate anniversary is communicated internally and externally on our social media. Each employee could receive a dedicated box with several gifts inside. Very appreciated, this type of gesture makes it possible to value and reward the loyalty of each employee. You can also look at ham gift certificates for example around the holidays. 


Recognition also involves highlighting successes, whether individual or collective. Each result, advancement, challenge accomplished, benevolent sharing, etc. must be valued and put forward. Today's employees need to feel that their work matters and is useful to the company. Therefore, highlighting their results and their successes participates in this quest for valorization. Promoting these successes is also one of the valuable means that the manager has at their disposal. These moments of exchange and success make it possible to engage and unite all employees. This is subject to associating these events with an ethical and environmental aspect. If someone has just got married, or just passed a business exam, it should be celebrated. This sense of community will never be forgotten and is greatly appreciated across all work platforms.


Your employees want to feel that they are part of the whole team and that their opinions and ideas are heard. They are directly in the heat of the moment. They are therefore in a very good position to give their opinion and provide advice. Their point of view may even allow you to prevent certain problems. Don't just ask for their opinion on narrow topics. You will benefit from including them in several reflections. Nothing is better than encouraging your employees to develop. Create a scholarship to encourage them to continue their education. Pay for additional training. Encourage them to attend seminars. In the end, better trained employees perform better and provide better service. If you get involved in the development of your employees, they will be more committed to you and be more motivated. They will even develop a strong sense of belonging to you and the company. In addition to recognizing and encouraging your employees, this idea also helps reduce turnover. Clearly, everyone wins something!


Does your employee room look like a hospital cafeteria? Maybe it's time to redecorate it. Your employees deserve a place where they can truly relax during their breaks. Provide them with comfortable spaces where they will feel at ease. Keep the space clean and inviting.

More than a place to eat, the break room can become a place where your employees want to spend their time. Create a reading nook with a few books they can borrow. You can even provide them with a rest area so that they can recharge their batteries.


Have your employees been working hard lately? Did they achieve all of their monthly goals? Is the weather particularly nice today? Reward them by extending their paid break time. They can take the opportunity to rest, socialize, go for a walk, etc. They will come back to work even more motivated. This idea is inexpensive and easy to put into practice. Use it at key times when you know your employees need it. This way, you can create a perfect working environment every day.

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