How to set up a lead capture page correctly

How to set up a lead capture page correctly

Are you collecting leads on your websites, blogs, social media sites and through other outlets?  If not you really are missing out on chances for extreme growth and the ability to make connections and of course SALES!

Whether you are looking to expand your book sales or promote a sports training, you want to be able to stay in touch with your leads, otherwise known as your subscribers.  This way you will be able to continue communication with them as long as they stay as an active lead in your autoresponder system.

A simple set up of three things is often all that is needed to grow your brand or business which include of course one of the most important steps, in having your lead capture page correctly set up.

Once you have this, it is a must to have an autoresponder service, like Pure Leverage set up to collect the leads and be able to follow up with them through a pre-established email series, or through live broadcasts.

The third thing you have to have in place is a great offer.  This could be your own offer or even one you are an affiliate for.  Either way you want to have some (or even more) experience with the product so that you can share your knowledge of how it helped you grow your business, become a faster athlete or whatever problems it helps solve.

You can keep your LCP’s (lead capture pages) simple.  You do not want to overwhelm the viewer, who might only be on your site for a matter of seconds if they clicked on a banner ad from another website, or a link from an email, so you need to grab their attention quickly.

A quick sentence headline which leads to curiosity is going to drive more people to want to find out more, where you can then collect the lead.  In many cases you can collect as much information as you want such as email, name, phone, address and more, however the less someone needs to put in the form to get the information, the better your conversions should be.

People are often resistant to putting too much of their information out there, though if they do buy a physical product that needs to be shipped they of course will need to submit that information.

A great tip I picked up to keep fake emails out is to put the statement (or on very similar) below the opt in box: “Important: Information will be emailed to the address provided in the form above!  You can tweak this as needed and this is a great tip that brought people like Vick Strizheus to become one of the industry leaders in marketing and affiliate commissions.

You would be surprised by the spammy emails that people will enter in order to try and get information.  If you use a single opt in procedure, they will go directly to the offer, or follow up page, where you can provide more information.  If you were to run your email campaign as a double opt in, they would therefore have to check the email account and click a link in their new email stating they want to receive message from you, thus you might end up with many “pending” accounts in your autoresponder, which therefore never receive the emails.

If you are not collecting your own leads, you should start doing it here now with Pure Leverage

They have editable capture pages that you can make to peak the curiosity of those looking at your page.  Now it is time to drive some traffic to your site, which will be spoken of in future (and also is in some of my older) posts.

The key is to get out there and take action!

Always collect the leads instead of sending direct to someone else’s capture pages (big mistake I made my first few years online, even though they resulted in sales, the list was not growing like I wanted it to…so do NOT make that mistake!)

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