Joel Therien and Dave Gardner in Cabo Mexico

How to start with the Now Lifestyle

How to start with the Now Lifestyle

Back in January 2017 I knew I was blessed to be learning about what Joel Therien was launching.  I had been a user of his GVO marketing tools since 2009 to run my websites and hosting.  I also belonged to his Pure Leverage and Got Backup programs/services so I knew what he was coming out with was going to be good as it was something he was passionate about.

You can’t really get super passionate about html code, data storage and server space.  Yeah it is necessary and can pay the bills, though nothing compared to how he felt about the health and fitness industry.

That is truly why he created the Now Lifestyle

A true lifestyle business opportunity

One that can help shrink your gut and fatten your wallet and I am not trying to be full of hype there, just plain sharing the truth.

Take a look at Joel and myself at the leadership retreat in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, where he invited me as a guest due to being one of the leaders and those who have taken massive action in helping to build this company from day one.

You have to be in it to win it and I truly hope you are with us at the next retreat, though if you have not yet started, you can do that now with a free trial membership just by clicking this link here:


Then you can upgrade to become a reseller and start building your own legacy and working towards lifestyle events just like the retreat we were on.

This video shows you the steps need to do that!

Once inside and you are a reseller and have the products so you can maximize your commission opportunities, it is time to take MASSIVE imperfect action.

As they say imperfect action beats perfect inaction everyday.

Remember there might not ever be a perfect time to do something, though this is probably the best timing you can have right now (depending on when you are reading this and decide to take action).

The best thing to do in the beginning is to master the members area and go through the provided training videos inside as well as get your affiliate link so that you can start sharing what you learn with others so they too can check out the free membership site.

In this video I share some of the quickstart ideas you should be following to get your self up and running

You can also download the PDF version of the quickstart here, print it out and have it on hand as you go through your members area setting it up step by step.

Just click here to grab that guide now >> NowLifestyleTEAM_quickstart

This guide follows the video above and gets you going!  It’s about taking daily action and being consistently consistent.

Yes, that might be redundant, though you need to keep taking action day in and day out if you want to see results like I am starting to see with the Now Lifestyle.

If you missed that link above and want to test it all out for free, you can do that right here at >>

Let’s do this!

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