How To Use “Other People’s Money” To Build Your Business

Hello Marketing Slap in the Face…If you did not come away with some super ah ha moments from Part 4 yesterday you need to to go the doctors to get your pulse checked.

I’ll give you controversy….haha!

Anyways, what Daegan has in store in part 5 is another group of gems that will easily take you from nothing to something this week if you act on it…it could even get you there costing NADA, Nothing, Zip, Zilch if you follow along with the ONE word he said changed it all for him…read Part 5 below

Action is the key!

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Either way, be sure to read what Part 5 is all about here and get back to me on your Ah ha moments!


Here is Part 5:

It’s funny how sometimes some of the MOST important ideas of your life hit you in the most unlikely of circumstances, and today’s lesson and idea exactly one of those cases, but …

Before I dig into it, let me just catch you up on where we are so far in this series.

In part one I shared a little idea that is silently screaming “I’m the ONE” and I shared with you how trusting my gut on it led me to the easiest $32k I’ve ever earned:

Then in part two I shared with you how list building using one simple technique changes lives, and I walked you through the entire process to building a massive list at a pace of 1,000 leads per day or more using it.

In the last lesson I shared with you how much your personality IS really worth when you us it the right way in your email marketing efforts.

Put simply, it can double or even triple whatever level of income you’re currently earning online, and the REASON why I’m walking you through all these techniques is because I know for an absolute fact that if you use what I’m sharing with you on this:

To build a list and generate a recurring money passive income stream it can quite bluntly be a time and a decision that you’ll back on 10 years from as THE moment everything changed.

Following suite, today’s lesson will literally supercharge your results in a way that few have ever experienced online.

This little idea, is an idea I’ve leveraged for the past 8 years, and it alone has been responsible for a LARGE share the revenue I’ve generated in my career to date.

And the best part about it is it require no risk of anything on your part, in fact, utilizing it will remove all risk from your business forever.

Here’s how it came to me …

It was back when I was a pharmaceutical sales rep working for a company called Merck here in Washington DC.

It was one of those dreaded ride along days where I had my boss with me as I made my calls to all MD clients.

To put it gently, I wasn’t at the top of my game.

I was out of sync.

I was awkward.

Every conversation I had reflected exactly the opposite of the true value I brought to my company.

Every time I looked over at my boss, I could see it in his eyes I was on borrowed time.

I won’t lie to you and say I loved my job.

I didn’t.

But I always put in a good honest hard days work.

That ride back to drop my manager back off at the office was the longest ride of my life.

I could feel the tension in the air.

Then it finally broke.

He said …

“Daegan, pull over. I want to talk you for a second.”

My heart immediately sunk as I parked the car.

“Daegan, tell me the truth, you don’t really like what you’re doing do you?”

I could tell from his tone that the way I answered that question would determine my future.

I did what any good employee would do.

I told him why I loved my job and why wouldn’t want to do anything else.

The words I spoke just weren’t in my heart and he knew it.

After we parted ways I knew the end was near.

That job was all I had.

“What would happen if I lost it?”

I mean sure …

I was moonlighting as an online marketer and I had even built a little team in my first opportunity, but the few hundred dollars I was making additional would in no way replace my paycheck.

To get my mind off the inevitable I had learned through my personal development training that it’s always better to replay bad emotions than try to suppress them, so …

I put in one of my favorite success trainings at the time.

Every time I listened to it it always lifted my heart.

But this time it was different.

I heard one word.

One word.

A word that was there all along, but somehow I had missed it the last 30 times I had listen.

Within two months o hearing that word I was making more than I ever had at my job.

I had a team in my business that was thriving into momentum.

Growing at a pace of 50 – 100 new people joining my organization per day.

That’s all the difference was between a couple hundred dollar per month and a job replacing income.

Not only that.

When I shared what I done with that one word, the others in my organization that followed suit, there business grew faster than mine.

In fact, my buddy Jaz in Singapore, who I’m visiting right now, took my little idea tripled my success & create a problem for me the process.

See I was in a binary company, and he created the largest run away leg you’d ever seen.

I never caught up with it.

And that’s why I know the same will happen for you.

One word.

That’s all it took.

Before I tell you what that word was let me tell you a little more of the back story so you can really get a feel for WHY it was such a game changer.

Let’s call a spade a spade.

We’re all in this business to grow wealthy and abundant, but I don’t think many people stop to ask themselves how to actually do it.

And then others mistake cash flow for real wealth and end up dead broke like Scotty Pipen.

He made over $100M and because he thought it would never stop he lost it all. Never let that happen to you.

Wealth is simple when you think about it.

It’s just this …

Eliminate your debts and invest in your highest ROI assets, and I got that.

I could see that my little team was the highest ROI asset I had, and I had (and still do have) a 4 unit apartment building.

My problem was, my own budget.

See …

I only had about $300 to $500 per month to invest in growing my team, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough to support me when the inevitable was to happen in the near future.

I needed a way to invest more.

And more, I need to invest in the exact right place in my business.

But where? Well …

Here’s one more little thing I’ll share with you.

I noticed as my team was growing I noticed a trend.

I call it the magic of 10%.

10% of my recruits actually recruited someone else, and …

10% of them actually recruited meaningful numbers, and so I could see that if I was to have my invest grow fast that I needed to invest in finding that 10% of 10% as quickly as possible.

The more of those guys I could find, the fast my business would grow, so here’s what I figured out …

If I wanted my asset to grow faster then I needed more recruits to find the 10%, and to find more recruits it came down to leads.

And as you know …

Leads come from marketing, and my marketing was limited by own budget.

I couldn’t figure it out for the life me.

It was like being in the desert thirty with a glass of water in sight, but ever time you reached for it it moved just out of reach.

Until I heard …

That one word.

As soon as I did.

I knew, my economic issues would be over forever.

Never again would I have to worry about having enough to invest, or …

At least I thought.

See …

The ONE thing about this training was it was OLDER than dirt.

I mean like before the internet old.

And so the principles this guy was talking about hadn’t been applied to the internet, and so there was no easy way to verify if my hunch was right.

I remember it like was yesterday …

I mean you have to understand.

As soon as heard this word I immediately pulled over the car at an Amoco station and started pacing back and forth like a lunatic screaming my head off – shouting this word.

Cars where literally slowing down and almost getting into accidents watching my insanity.

When I got home.

I didn’t have a game plan, and I even remember that little voice in my head nudging me saying things like …

“What if this doesn’t work? What if it’s like all that other stuff you thought was THE KEY that wasn’t”

I’m so glad I didn’t listen to that guy.

Before I went to bed and I had made up my mind.

“Just give it a try Daegan.”

And I did.

When I woke the next morning to see $800 I didn’t have the day before to advertise with I knew …

OHHH I knew …

This was it.

Before all was said and done I had over $3,200 to advertise with that month and the next month $6,000, and the next month $8,000, and the next month $12,000.

And that’s literally all she wrote.

That was it. I was at that point “f1nanc1ally free”

And so too will be your story.

The word …


That night I had sent out message to my team and said let’s invest in advertising together and to them …

It was that help they were silently screaming for.

They responded immediately.

Our team grow.

We had several leaders doing as I did, as I showed them how.

We all thrived.

When you join us here:

I’ll teach you how to run your own co-op so that money for advertising is a thing of the past, and …

Today I’m going to let the cat of the bag.

See …

These day’s I’m doing not so bad, so I can do things that I couldn’t a few years back, AND …

I know for a fact that when you get into business together with people leadership grows from what you do, not what you say.

Let this be the example.

If you decide to join our calling and you commit to showing you’re serious by being one of the first 100 people to upgrade to VIP I’m going to take $10,000 out of my own pocket and invest in your future in our co-op.

I don’t think I need to say anymore.

It’s as simple as that.

To put you in a position to win.

I’m going to pay it forward to you.

Are you in or are you out?

If you think today’s news was a pleasant surprise wait until tomorrow, because it’s about to get even better.

I’ll see you then.

To the top,


P.S. Watch this for instructions on how to upgrade to VIP & access your free copy of Solo Ad Secrets:

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