I won 40 Million Dollars in the Foreign Powerball Drawing

Yeah right!

You should be thinking the same thing as I was last

night when I opened up postcard last night that was

in a clear plastic wrapper, with a postage paid return

address on it.


It came from Fiji and is supposed to be returned to

Australia…also postage paid and if I do it in the next 7

days I can collect on the 40 Million that was randomly

drawn from a computer.


All I need to do is include $10 to cover the “Data release

fee” and I will be good to go.


Wow…this screams SCA.M to no end!


Have you ever gotten something like this and wondered

what if?


What if it were actually true?


You are like many out there who fall for the crap that is

sent to you online and through the mail if you go forward

and return the card with $10…that you will most likely

never see again.


I am going to send it in anyways with a nice note about

the services I offer online that can help them build their

business…on their own dime no less.

I mean it has to be going to some address…in this case

a PO box…which will most likely close down after a few

weeks and be on the run with whomever fell sucker for

this trick.


Now more than ever you have to be safe in what you are

dealing with in many aspects of life…I would love to hear

about some of the stories similar to this that you have

experienced that can help other people be aware and

protect themselves now and in the future.


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  • February 4, 2013

    Congrats on your winning’s Omar! You are truly blessed

  • January 29, 2013

    I have won the Nigerian lottery like a hundred times!

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