Safety in the workplace

Importance Of Using Safety Signs And Labels Within The Workplace

Importance Of Using Safety Signs And Labels Within The Workplace

When you run a business, the safety of your employees and customers should be among your top priorities. Nothing within your business is more valuable than the health of those working with you, and you could avoid injuries and accidents easily by being more open with communication on the topic. It’s not just your employees and customers, though, these signs and labels can help to protect your products and equipment.

Simply speaking about these issues isn’t always the best solution, and there’s a better, and more permanent solution to the problem. Simply using labels, signs, and stickers makes it much easier to keep everyone reminded of the dangers of what they’re interacting with.


Whenever there’s a hazard within your workplace, you should make sure it’s clearly marked for employees to avoid it.

It could be something as simple as a water spillage, or an area that’s recently been cleaned - a sign should be put in place to direct others away from it. It’s a simple gesture but it keeps people from being careless and injuring themselves.

Electrical outlets and equipment may also warrant some form of label to warn employees and customers from touching them. 

Fragile items

Whether it’s a product that needs to be sold, a piece of equipment, or chemical storage - keeping fragile stickers available at all times can help to make sure these items are treated with care. You should never leave others to assume how something should be treated, especially if it’s incredibly fragile. The item breaking due to poor handling can lead to injury or a negative customer experience.

It’s much better to have these things clearly labelled to prevent anyone from mishandling them. Of course, when it comes to items in delivery, it’s likely that the people handling it aren’t going to know of the contents. 

Raised floor

If your building has steps in places that aren’t obvious, it should be marked out with a bright “mind your step” sticker or label for good measure. While it might not necessarily be required of you, a tripping hazard could spell trouble for your business. If a customer were to become injured while browsing your products, they would likely require some form of compensation, and your business’ reputation would suffer for it.

The same goes for lowered ceilings or doorways. If there are suddenly parts of the ceiling that are lower, or objects hanging down, you should be sure to mark them correctly.

Instructions for use

Proper training is always important in the workplace, but there may be times when training wasn’t covered in time before use. A prime example of this would be the use of a fire extinguisher. The instructions for use on a fire extinguisher are displayed clearly on the sign, meaning that anyone who needs to use it in an emergency can find out immediately. This may be necessary for other forms of equipment in the workplace too, even in non-emergency situations - as it saves time for you and your employees.

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