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Is the Now Lifestyle a scam?

Is the Now Lifestyle a scam?

I’m not going to beat around the bush and give you some long drawn out post about the ins and outs of the Now Lifestyle and then give you the old bait and switch here and tell you to check out something else.

From the get go I want to let you know that the Now Lifestyle is legit, real, true or however you want to phrase it.  The Now Lifestyle is not a scam.

Launching in early 2017, by Joel Therien, who is the CEO of GVO/Pure Leverage and also created such products as Got Backup, My Own Meeting and other online training with his staff, Now Lifestyle is the advanced and updated version of his previously successful website which focused on the 7 minute Workout but takes it much further.

I have been athletic my whole life, playing sports all through school and even Lacrosse as a College athlete.  All along, I would work out to stay in shape but just never really liked to do it, though I would love playing the actual sport for hours if I could.  Make me run for more that 20 minutes and I’m bored out of my mind.

I just don’t want to work out for a long time every day to keep myself fit.

That’s where the Now Lifestyle comes in: You should be able to get a full workout in less than 10 minutes if you follow what Joel Therien and his staff have put together.  Now that is what I am talking about.

My type of quick workout!

Bust my ass, raise my heart rate and be done with more time to do things I want to do like goofing around with my kids, meeting people, growing my business, coaching lacrosse and more (which when you think about it are all the reasons I often do not work out as I’m pre-occupied with many other things).

We are all busy and many of us have passed over our health in order to maintain keeping others happy, when we should be taking care of ourselves first and foremost.

I personally would not consider myself overweight, though I definitely have a few pounds I would like to take off, which I have put on from decreasing the amount of physical activity I have gotten over the years.

As a coach I try to run around with the players once in a while though I am often trying to actually coach so it does not always happen, though I can totally see myself bringing in some of the quick workouts that Joel Therien has planned with us for my players by sneaking them into some of our dynamic work and cardiac training.

At the same time, I will be able to share my account with up to 5 other family members and friends who can workout and train on their own with their designated workout and nutrition plans all for under $100 for an entire year.

What about the Gym?

You can still go workout at the gym if you want to spend more time tearing your muscles or if you really want to get bigger and need more support from other heavy lifters.  Now in my opinion, Joel Therien has absolutely enormous biceps and arms and that is not my goal…ever!

I want to look good and be fit.  You might want to just cut off a couple pounds from your midsection or fit back into those favorite jeans that have been put aside for the last couple years.  I personally have worn the same belt for many years, though the notches have gotten a workout themselves and have gone back and forth in which one I need to use and its time to get myself back into a healthier state.

I do eat well for the most part, though I do enjoy the guilty pleasures of M&M’s, cookies and cream ice cream, nacho’s and cheese as well as really good beers and honey whiskey to just name a few things, so moderating what I take in will be a big part in my journey towards health and is often the case with many people.

I am totally guilty of just eating because I am bored.

The NowLifestyle is about changing that the right way, though proper nutritional intake as well as short duration high intensity workouts and resistance training.  They will give you all the workout you really need a few times a week, so you might just not really need the gym as much.

Getting health leading to wealth!

One of the biggest things that Joel Therien has to his advantage with launching the Now Lifestyle is that he has over 18 years of business knowledge (READ AS failures and successes) which have allowed him to continue to grow his business and create many successful products (see the introduction above again in case you missed it).

So the question is how does Now Lifestyle lead to wealth?  Well that’s where the reseller option exists where you will be able to become an independent distributor of the product and services and earn nice commissions promoting as a team.  Both upfront commissions as well as recurring commissions are eligible depending on which membership level you come in on.  There is also the placement of a binary matrix which can help you build a team of representatives with you, that provide matching bonus payouts.

When they do officially go live, I’m going to be going ALL IN with Now Lifestyle.  That means I will have the highest membership level possible allowing me the most commissions possible.  I am pretty much all in as well with Joel Therien’s other products that I use to run my other websites and business from, so it only makes sense for me to maintain consistency here.

Perhaps you just want to workout and lose a couple pounds or on the other hand don’t want to work out at all and instead build a team of healthy people wanting to share information on better nutrition and promoting a program that could just be a billion dollar system within a few years to rival the likes of systems like Beach Body…though you don’t have to kill yourself for 90 minutes to get what you want.

If you like anything you have read so far, be sure to leave a comment below and I’ll reach out to you with details of the launch, or click on the image of Joel Therien, his wife Ilona and daugher Liv below to get started with me and my team

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