Joel Therien Gives away his Ferrari Spider in the April Pure Leverage Marketing Contest


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Joel Therien Gives away his Ferrari Spider in the April Pure Leverage Marketing Contest Sign up now to see how you too can drive away with his F 430 Spider Ferrari

Joel, is the CEO and founder of GVO, Global Virtual Opportunities which specialize in online tools like autoresponders, web hosting, video hosting, live webinar/conference room, analytic software, templates, opt in forms, marketing training and much more.

In March 2013, Joel Therien launched Pure Leverage, which resulted in over a million dollars in commissions for their Profit Sharing Revenue Partners (aka Affiliates!).  This suite of tools pays out at 100% commissions on the first month and 50% on all following months as well as a matching 50% check bonus on those who were recruited into using the tools through you as well after the first month.

The Pure Leverage suite of tools consists of a lead generator package (to promote the tools themselves) for up to 10,000 subscribers as well as a anutoresponder to use for your own websites or brick and mortar businesses of many subscribers as well.  Each Tuesday and Thursday night, they hold live training webinars on the tools and strategies that are working to build a business online and include people who are excelling in both Pure Leverage and online marketing, like Michelle Pescosolido, Daegan Smith, Joel Therien, Mark Call, and even newbie’s like Krystal Taylor who was a single mom that brought in $120,000 in sales after just 8 months online.

In order to run a successful online business you need the correct tools to stay in touch with your clients and newsletter subscribers.  You could search over the internet and use 5-10 different companies and spend hundreds of dollars each month, or you could just head over to Pure Leverage or GVO today and get them all in one package

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