Lacrosse Discount for your holiday needs

My list members saw I was having an 11-11-11 sale where I knocked off $11.11 off the price of my Platinum Package.

It is going to stay open for the next 11 days and includes the following items essential for the lacrosse player in your family or as a gift for the one down the street.

1) Lacrosse Packguy organizational tool as seen in the photo
2) The Spirit in the stick novel
3) Mothguard
4) Pre-wrap
5) New Lacrosse Ball
6) “Got Lacrosse?” sticker

As lacrosse is spreading, make sure you get the things that make it easier and enjoyable.

You can pick up a Platinum Packguy Package here and be ready for the holidays as these make great gifts for players of all ages.

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