This is the way lead magnets

Lead Magnets for your capture page

Lead Magnets For Your Capture Page

What is a lead magnet you might ask?  Well this is something that is of value which is going to entice someone (a lead) to provide some sort of details and/or contact information, like their email address, in order to receive the promised lead magnet.

Examples of lead magnets can include but are not limited to:

  • Action plans
  • Tutorials
  • Scripts
  • Videos
  • Mini-courses
  • Webinars
  • Social Media Group access
  • Audios
  • ...much more!

The key is to find a happy medium without under or over-delivering (you don't want to overwhelm someone on a lead magnet!)  This is something that should be able to be delivered instantly to them so that they get immediate gratification. 

You will likely also want to have the right software and tools to have at least TWO pages set up for this.  The "capture" page where they will enter their email and the "Thank you" page where they will be able to access (or learn how to access if delivered through email) the lead magnet.

Having an email autoresponder would also be crucial for them to become part of your list so that not only can you deliver the promised product but can also start to develop a relationship with them along with the ability to promote future products, services and offers to over the future.

When you are thinking of creating your lead magnet here are some major things to consider which I picked up recently in my trainings with the Attraction Marketing Formula and the Digital Networker Live event I attended in July 2022 with speakers Ferny Ceballos and Jessica Davis.


Great Lead Magnets

  1. Offer a specific solution in a specific market
  2. Promises 1 big thing (again remember this is not about overwhelming them)
  3. Speaks to a known desired end result
  4. Offers immediate gratification (delivered on the Thank you page or email instantly)
  5. Inspires belief
  6. Has a high perceived value (remember they are getting YOUR time and lifelong experience)
  7. High actual value (don't give them fluff)
  8. Immediately consumed (they should be able to dive right in and get it done quickly)
  9. Always has another CTA, or Call To Action to take the next step!

As you start to put your lead capture page together with your lead magnet be sure to check off those 9 qualities and you will be on your way to building the list of your dreams and people who want to keep hearing from you.

While I could go deeper here on things like email autoresponders, follow up messages, thank you pages (sometimes called a bridge page) and many other things we will keep it simple in this post and those will be touched inside of in another post.  You can check out the recent post about 3 questions to ask when creating your capture page here though first to get in the right mindset for your lead magnet.

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