Ramping up your digital ads

Level-up Your Digital Ads

Level-up Your Digital Ads

Creating digital ads is fun, but it’s not always easy! You need to understand your target audience and create ads that are platform-specific. For instance, a Facebook audience is primed for reading and socializing, not necessarily buying things, so find out how to make ads.

Embed Your Message

Advertising online is different from the conventional ads of the past. Conventional advertising is happy to be promotional, after all, the purpose of an ad is to promote a product or service and that’s what people expect. But things are a bit different online, especially with Facebook ads. 

People use social media for socializing and informing themselves primarily, of course, it’s also a fertile advertising space but the ads need to be integrated and relevant to the platform. That’s why you need to embed your advertising as much as possible and provide additional value.

Speak to Emotions

People don’t buy things, they buy an experience of things. This is true for luxury cruises and kitchen utensils, so if you want to sell your products and services to grateful customers then speak to their emotions and promote how the thing can improve their experiences. 

So how exactly can you achieve this? One way is to improve the storytelling in your ads, customers love a good story and it’s also one of the best ways to hold an audience’s attention right to the end. These days, ads are made with stories that seem incongruent to the product. 

Keep it on Target 

Online audiences have a short attention span and no wonder with so much information and advertising directed at them through social media and internet pop-ups. Any slips in the focus of your ads are going to stand out and throw your campaign, of course, so keep ads on target. 

You will notice that ads these days are sharp, focused, and fast. Right at the start, they deliver an emotional effect, usually some form of joy that captures attention and encourages sharing. If you have trouble making effective ads contact this facebook ads marketing agency for help. 

Use Humour for Shares

There are two types of humor you can use in ads, but one type is better than the other. You can use humor to either shock or surprise. In general, humor that uses surprise is much more effective than humor than shock, that’s because surprise keeps the emotionality joyful. 

Humour is hard to master but there are a few techniques that work well whether you are creating an online or offline ad. Play with bodies and faces, juxtapose things, and play with perceptions to find laughs. Humor works well because it creates joyful feelings right away.    

Call to Actions

We’re all familiar with call to action, that’s when the ad tells you to want to do next to convert. Although customers are familiar with the call to action it’s best to embed it where possible so that the nuts and bolts of your ad aren’t too obvious. It’s more effective if the action is natural.    

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