LipoXPlus Founding Distributor Bonus Offer

LipoXPlus Founding Distributor Bonus Offer

LipoXPlus Founding Distributor Bonus Offer

LipoXPlus Founding Distributor Bonus offer requirements:  Please see below which highlight what was also mentioned in the video above: 

To Qualify: You must follow the steps below in order to receive the bonuses mentioned in the video.

1) Use this link to create an account with the Now Lifestyle

Once you have gone through the main welcome/offer video and get to the member area, click the banner on this page that says "Create your free account today" which looks like this in the member area:


You must be sponsored by user 'davegardner' in order to qualify and this is for new accounts only. If you have an existing account with me as your sponsor you can start from this point though I can not provide bonuses for people who are not sponsored through my link.

2) Once created and logged in you may see some videos on welcome and starting with the Now Lifestyle. You can watch those or click the button at the top that says "Become a Founding LipoXPlus Distributor"

3) A new window/page will open up and you can choose the level you want to be at: VIP (10 Bottles), Platinum (20 Bottles) or Elite (40 Bottles) and complete your registration.

4) Contact me to let me know this is complete (my details are in the member area under Business tab, Contact your coach) so we an establish the vacation stay you want as well as address details to send the Eric Worre Go Pro CD's as well as Now Body Sport supplement bonus bottle.

LipoXPlus is the new product launched in December 2019 by Now Body and Now Lifestyle CEO Joel Therien. This product it for weight loss management, an appetite suppressant and helps to lower cholesterol while also helping to maintain blood sugar levels, slowing digestion and helping reduce diabetic risks.

LipoXPlus is a proprietary formula of Ispaghula Husk and Alpha Lipoic Acid and comes in bottles of 200 capsules with a recommended dose of 3 capsules, 20-30 minutes before a meal, two to three times daily.

Those members choosing the VIP Level will also earn 20% commissions when they sponsor future members or customers who purchase supplements. Platinum members earn 25% commissions while Elite members earn 35% commissions on supplements and distributor levels.

When you become a Founding LipoXPlus Distributor on my team you will earn the following bonuses which include but are not limited to the following as shown in the video above:

LipoXPlus Founding Distributor Bonus Offer

1) Vacation stay at one of 53 destinations around the world

2) Eric Worre Go Pro CD set

3) A bottle of the other Now Body supplements like Whey protein, Elevate or Creatine

4) Coaching and Resources for life

5) Clicks to your distributor link through a rotator as part of the team building process

6) Other unannounced bonuses and training from me

Just click the link above at the beginning of the description to get started today and then be sure to follow up with me (Likely I will also reach out to you as well so be sure to respond!)

Disclaimer: This is a business and must be treated like a business. While you may make sales and earn commissions on these products, there are no guarantees that you will make any sales and may even lose money in the process. Every person is different and it takes time and effort to build your team and grow as a business and independent distributor in a Network Marketing company.

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