LiveGood Bonuses for Joining Dave Gardner

LiveGood Bonuses for Joining Dave Gardner in LiveGood

LiveGood Bonuses for Joining Dave Gardner in LiveGood

LiveGood Bonuses for Joining Dave Gardner in LiveGood

Clear your browser history then go here to Join Dave Gardner in LiveGood:

When you Join Dave Gardner in LiveGood you get the following bonuses!

  1. The $2 Dollar Secret (Physical book)
  2. 150 MLM Emails (editable for your use and follow up)
  3. Jim Rohn: Building Your Network Marketing Business (Physical CD)
  4. Eric Worre: Go Pro (Physical 3 CD Set)
  5. Vacation hotel stay voucher
  6. Me as a coach

You must join with the link above and have it show "Welcome to Dave Gardner's website!" at the top when you create your account so you are linked to me.

Physical bonuses will be delivered after a months time and after commissions are paid out, while digital bonuses will be available much sooner.

In order to start the process of getting your bonuses delivered, when you create your account look in your members area to see the tab on the left side that say "My Enroller" and click that to see my email.

Then email me a message with the subject line of "LiveGood Bonuses for Joining the Team" and be sure to use the same email address you registered your account with so I can verify from my end.

I will then reply with a link for you to complete details such as address and be able to complete/choose a travel destination.

LiveGood Bonuses

The $2 Dollar Secret

Learn the biggest secret that the masters and gurus are using day in and day out just like billion dollar companies to get repeat sales over and over!

  • Includes the major secret
  • 13 Lucky strategies to build your business
  • Journal to track your progress!

*SHIPPED AFTER 30 Days as a LiveGood Member and commissions have been paid out!

150 MLM Emails

Time is precious and I would rather have you enjoying your time in LiveGood than hunched over a computer, but fact of the matter is you might need to communicate and follow up with leads.  These pre-written emails will take the strain off of that.  Just edit to fit your personality and include your own link to be able to share in DM's, emails or even a post online with leads.

*Be sure to see details above about your LiveGood members area to collect my email and begin communication!  This set of MLM Emails will be accessible after registration with LiveGood is confirmed and you have reached out.  I will share a separate registration page where you can enter shipping details for the physical products and also download the emails as well as get details on the Vacation voucher. 

Building Your Network Marketing Business by Jim Rohn

This is one of the classic recruiting and team building audios to get you into the right mindset about how people come and go into marketing and how you can work part time on your fortune while working full time on your job and then flip that to work full time on your fortune.

Pop this in on your commute to work or when you are just sitting down and be sure to take some notes and be ready to laugh as well.

*SHIPPED AFTER 30 Days as a LiveGood Member and commissions have been paid out!

Go Pro: 7 Steps to becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre

This is another must listen to CD set to begin (or expand on) learning the ropes when it comes to building a business.  Many people are doing this part time  (even yours truly is a full time HS Science Teacher working fulltime on my job and part time on my fortune!) and can be able to express that they are a professional.  Incorporate just a few of the strategies Eric Worre shares and you are steps above the rest of the industry and a leader in the making.

*SHIPPED AFTER 30 Days as a LiveGood Member and commissions have been paid out!

Vacation Stay Voucher

Choose from one of over 100 locations around the world from destinations like Cancun, Thailand, Las Vegas and more.  This can range from 3-7 nights and covers the hotel cost.  Any associated resort taxes/fees, transportation, entertainment, food, car rentals and/or other incidentals are the responsibility of the you, the new team member.

This is a digital certificate and will be delivered ASAP to determine your country of choice...You must choose a country within a short period of time but then have many months in which to choose an actual date of travel.

*Be sure to see details above about your LiveGood members area to collect my email and begin communication!

Dave Gardner Coaching and Team Bonuses

In addition to gaining my support and help with your growth or questions relating to LiveGood, you will also gain access to the systems that my sponsor is creating as well as the one his sponsor has in place to be able to choose from one that fits your personality and abilities the best.

No one expects you to do exactly what I do or what my sponsor does.  We do expect you to love the products and being part of the family of LiveGood though lol!

Let's do this!

Join me here>>

Let's do this!

While I am here to help remember you also have to do the work.  Whether as a teacher, coach or sponsor, I can lead you and share with you strategies and ways that can help yo grow, it comes down to your own personal efforts in how well you succeed with LiveGood (or any business for that matter!).

While LiveGood matrix bonuses might be nice for having a team grow beneath you without ever sponsoring someone, keep in mind that matrix spillover should be considered as a major bonus from team growth both above and below you.  The earlier you join the company the more likely you are to see some spillover but there is no guarantee or promise that it will happen.

DISCLAIMER: This video and blog post description either has links to my own products or affiliate products so any purchases you make from the links clicked in this video I will earn a commission with it. Results are not typical. I am a professional internet marketer with years of experience and can not guarantee you will achieve the same results.

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