LiveGood Compensation Plan and Matrix Spillover

LiveGood Compensation Plan and Matrix

LiveGood Compensation Plan and Matrix

LiveGood Matrix Spillover Explained and LiveGood compensation plan

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In this video I go in depth about the LiveGood matrix spillover plan and whether or not you can really make good money by never sponsoring anyone.

6 Ways to Earn Commissions with LiveGood

I also go through all 6 ways you can earn money in the LiveGood compensation plan.

Of those 6 methods, 3 are likely to happen if you take action on sharing the products and the business and include in no particular order:

1) Commissions on the retail sale of a productLiveGood Compensation plan Retail commissions

2) Commissions on the direct referral of a new member

LiveGood compensation plan direct referral commissions

3) Matching check bonuses on the efforts of those who you sponsorLiveGood compensation pland matching bonuses

The other three are dependent upon team growth over time in the forced matrix spillover along with your efforts and continued growth and include:

4) The Matrix 2*15 bonus commissions. You earn $0.25 per person in your downline which might not seem like much of anything until you consider completing 15 levels down and there being over 65K people potentially on your team. As I stress in the video, while spillover is possible, it should not be something that is banked on as the end all and savior of your success in the company.

LIveGood Compensation Plan Matrix commissions

5) Influencer bonus: At specific retail sales marks you can improve the commission amount you earn.

LiveGood compensation Plan Influencer Bonus commissions

6) Diamond pool. Any Diamond level members get a share of 2% of company profits. While there are no specific requirements to sponsor people, it is to your maximum benefit to be able to take action and do that so that you increase your earning potential with LiveGood.LiveGood Compensation Plan Diamond Pool bonus

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