LiveGood Global growth

LiveGood Fast Global Growth

LiveGood Fast Global Growth

I am blown away by the continued growth of LiveGood!
It took about 90 days to reach the first 100K members.
It then took ONLY about 30 to reach the next 100K members!
Yes we are now over 200K members worldwide and the craziest thing is that it only includes about 30K so far from the US...So many people from around the world are not only seeing the amazing company this is, but they are also building teams fast in many countries around the world.
This is JUST the beginning. By the end of the year we are looking at almost 1 Million members...3-5 years down the road who knows how big this will get.
The question is whether you want to wait a couple years and see what happens or take massive action today and lock in with us.
Personally I am seeing almost 35% of my pre-enrolled members taking the next step and upgrading their accounts.
1) The prices are unbeatable in this industry
2) The high quality products are needed for healthy living
3) The entry fee is super low
4) People are ranking up and earning back that entry fee fast with their first two referrals!
5) Global distribution centers are popping up to help shipping speed and costs (already in Germany and Next in Africa!)
6) Collagen coming out soon with more products in the pipeline
7) There is no purchase requirement AND you can still earn commissions over time with team growth
You have a full 7 days to check it out and see how we are doing things different and if you come in and see it's not for you, just simply ask for your fees back...though don't hate when that position end ups growing huge numbers below it over the next few years!
Each and every Thursday Night at 8PM EST LiveGood also goes live with training (Business and product centered) as well as other times in the week. 
Click this link to lock in your position with LiveGood:
Let's do this!
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