LiveGood Firestarter Friday for October 20, 2023

LiveGood Firestarter Friday for October 20, 2023

LiveGood Firestarter Friday for October 20, 2023


Lower prices AND Nobody Get's Hurt!
Not only do they NOT require you to have some huge pack to purchase when they join, they don't even require you to buy a certain amount each month to stay active either.
It's a membership!
Just like you can belong to Costco and not shop there some months.

Just like you can have an Amazon prime membership and not buy anything (just to get free shipping lol!)
LiveGood continues to Revolutionize the industry and now are over 780,000 members worldwide and WE WANT YOU!!!

Rank Advancements

This week alone:
  • 3939 people made their second referral and became Bronze members!
  • 494 people ranked up to Silver
  • 68 people ranked up to Gold
  • 13 people ranked up to Platinum
  • 2 people ranked up to Diamond
Remember it is just a ONE time $40 USD registration fee to become an affiliate and then $9.95/month (or $99.95 annual) for membership.
Anyone Bronze or higher has earned back that one time fee and more which is amazing and LiveGood is seeing about 20% of all members who have done this which is unheard of in the industry because we are doing things differently here.

LiveGood Price Drops

This past week LiveGood also dropped prices on EVERY item in the product category on the retail price side of things.  Dropping them up to $5 an item.
They also dropped both the retail AND member price on the CBD products, making it even more enticing for people to check out.


Coming Next week: Creatine
Coming Soon: Childrens multi vitamins, Whey protein, Essential Oils, E3 Energy Booster and more
Check out the current product price comparisons and test them out yourself here at


Arriving in Germany soon and available in the back office soon as well.
Come see the replay of this past weeks Firestarter Friday here or watch it with the video at the top of the blog post!
You can secure your membership in LiveGood and see the amazing products and opportunity at
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