LiveGood Firestarter Friday Training 12-15-23

LiveGood Firestarter Friday Training 12/15/23

LiveGood Firestarter Friday Training 12/15/23

Every Friday at 12pm EST LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky gets on live with his team of Nauder Khazan (Director of Marketing), Ryan Goodkin (Director of Product Development) and Lisa Goodkin (Director of product Education) and provides updates on Rank advancements, products (both new and upcoming ) and growth of the company.  They also host a series of leaders who share their own strategies and tips on training to help build the LiveGood membership.

Ranking up

This week for example the following rank advancements occurred while almost 33,000 new members joined LiveGood in the past 7 days from around the world.  Yes, LiveGood is a global company with teams expanding around the world.

  1. Bronze: 6765 members ranked up to Bronze this week which means they have sponsored at least TWO members
  2. Silver: 806 members ranked up to Silver this week which means they have sponsored at least TEN members plus at least 20 total team members
  3. Gold:127 members ranked up to Gold this week which means they have sponsored at least THIRTY members plus at least 100 total team members
  4. Platinum: 16 members ranked up to Diamond this week which means they have sponsored at least ONE HUNDRED members plus at least 500 total team members
  5. Diamond: 3 members ranked up to Diamond this week which means they have sponsored at least 2500 total team members

See the full LiveGood Compensation Plan PDF here

LiveGood Products

LiveGood currently has over 20 products with the goal of 200 in the next few years.  While they have started their focus on health, nutrition and beauty supplements, they can expand into other categories over time as they choose.

See the current list of LiveGood Products at as well as price comparisons, ingredient lists, certificates of analysis, testimonials, training and more.

Upcoming products include but are not limited to essential oils, children's chewable multi's, energy boosters and more

LiveGood Training

Usually half of each Firestarter Friday live session includes training, strategies, what's working now and other ideas that can be used to help you build your LiveGood business.

These include some of the top recruiters and active members of LiveGood such as Tracey Walker, Curry Russell, Tricia Costa and more that rotate weekly.

Join LiveGood

LiveGood is a membership model that allows users to save money on high quality products.  Membership is $9.95/month or $99.95 annually (recommended as this saves you $20) and allows you to experience member/wholesale prices on items compared to retail prices which I shared in the link above.

If you want to also be able to earn commissions by referring others to LiveGood, you also need to pay the ONE time affiliate registration fee of $40 which can be earned back by referring your first two members (See the Rank up details at the beginning of this post)

To Join LiveGood AND get over $5,000 in bonuses from me, head on over to now!

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