LIveGood Health and Wellness Overview

LiveGood Health and Wellness Overview

LiveGood Health and Wellness Overview

LiveGood Overview of New MLM Health and Wellness Company

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LiveGood is a new health and wellness company in the MLM or network marketing niche that has flipped the typical price model upside down.

Instead of increasing prices on the products to cover upline commissions, items are priced at real warehouse (member) or retail level with a range from $10-30 instead of $60-$150 like many other health companies do.

Here is a current list of available products carried by LiveGood: The first price point is the member pricing followed by retail pricing for non members

  • Multivitamins (him/her) ($10/$18)
  • Magnesium ($9/$18)
  • Plant Based protein ($22/$34)
  • Super Greens ($18/$30)
  • Super Reds ($18/$30)
  • CBD Oil (for humans and pets) ($18/$28 and $14/$22 respectively)
  • Coffee ($18/$29)
  • Essential amino acids ($20/$30)
  • Joint and inflammation management ($19/30)
  • Energy booster ($18/$28) 
  • Youth and skin serum ($15/$25)

Those prices are unheard of in the industry and look more like ones you can find at Costco, Walmart or your local grocery store.


An extremely low entry point in price/investment also makes LiveGood an an affordable opportunity for a greater percentage of the entrepreneurial population.

A one time $40 registration fee and a $9.95/month fee keep you active in the company where you have access to the following:

**Membership website platform

**Product shop to purchase items at wholesale pricepoints

**Upline/downline stats

**Website/affiliate links with tracking ability

**Commissions/Payment options through direct deposit, eWallet or crypto

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