LiveGood March 2024 Updates

Hi all! ? If you missed our Firestarter Friday call, here you go:
  1. Whey Protein: The introduction of a new whey protein was announced, with its shipping starting soon. This isn’t just any whey protein; it includes additional beneficial ingredients to enhance its nutritional value, making it a standout offering. It’s set to be available by mid-next week, depending on transit times.
  2. Children’s Organic Gummy: An update on the USDA certified organic children’s gummy was provided. This product has undergone several iterations to ensure its stability, cleanliness, and nutritional integrity. Currently, it’s awaiting re-certification from the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) before it can proceed to the final production stage. The gummy is designed to be as clean and nutritious as possible, with a focus on using maximum ingredient capacity to benefit children’s health.
  3. Hydration Stick Packs: The importance of hydration was highlighted, with the announcement of new hydration stick packs that are a few weeks away from release. These packs are aimed at promoting hydration with added nutritional benefits, supporting overall wellness.
  4. Hormonal Support Products: A focus on hormonal health was mentioned, with the development of a women’s hormonal support product nearing completion and plans for a men’s hormonal support product to follow. These products are being developed with high-quality, standardised extracts to ensure efficacy and safety.
  5. Skin Care and Other Health Products: The call also teased the upcoming launch of four skincare products, further diversifying LiveGood’s product range. Additionally, there’s a strong focus on developing a comprehensive approach to weight loss, which includes gut support and improving body composition, rather than focusing solely on weight reduction. This multifaceted approach underlines the company’s commitment to holistic health.
  6. Future Innovations: Mention of ongoing work on other health and wellness products, including items focused on detox, oral care, and even household cleaning products, showcases LiveGood’s ambition to cover various aspects of a healthy lifestyle beyond just supplements.
These announcements reflect LiveGood’s strategy of continuously expanding its product line with innovative and affordable options, emphasising quality and value to meet the diverse needs of its customers and members.
Looking Ahead: The pipeline is bustling with innovations, from skincare to hormonal support products and beyond. Our focus on clean, effective, and accessible wellness solutions is unwavering. Stay tuned for exciting launches that promise to enrich your LiveGood journey!
? Join the Revolution: Your participation is crucial. Let’s continue to spread the word about our remarkable products and the LiveGood opportunity. Remember, every product you share, every member you inspire, and every life you touch contributes to our collective success.
? Catch the Replay: Don’t forget to check out the recorded live session for a full dose of motivation and detailed insights.
Let’s keep the momentum going, team! Together, we’re not just part of LiveGood; we’re shaping the future of wellness and network marketing. Here’s to making waves, reaching new heights, and achieving extraordinary success together!
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