LiveGood Product Price Comparison

LiveGood Product Price Comparison

LiveGood Product Price Comparison

LiveGood Product Price Comparison

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LiveGood is a new Health and wellness product business with certified organic products including but not limited to Super Reds, Super greens, Amino Acids, Plant based protein powder, multivitamins (for men and women), energy booster, joint relief and much more.

In this video I share the drastically reduced prices available with LiveGood. LiveGood product prices are much lower than competitors in the network marketing or B2B/MLM niche with a cost of about $10-30/bottle compared to $60-120 which might be seen in other traditional models.

Not only does LiveGood flip the model on lower priced health products but they also lower the entry fee into the company and membership along with not having any requirements to refer others or to have a monthly autoship of products purchased to maintain certain levels.

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For example lets take a look at just two of the 15 current products available in the LiveGood warehouse.

LiveGood Price Comparison Super Greens vs Organifi and Athlethic Greens

LiveGood Price Comparison Protein vs Truvani and Total Vegan Numedica

For the last two weeks I have started my day out with a protein shake mixed with either the Super Greens or the Super reds as they are both chock full of nutrients and beneficial for intestinal and heart health just to name a few.

The vanilla plant based protein is also complete as it also contains 26 nutrients and minerals whereas many protein powders are just that...Protein.

The dissolved well together and I have also tried mixing these with another brand of protein that was chocolate (Hopefully LiveGood Chocolate Protein will be available soon or in the near future at least!)

The LiveGood price knocks it out of the park when comparing to companies like Organifi or Athletic Greens.

LiveGood Price Comparison Multivitamin vs MetaGenics and Numedica

LiveGood Price Comparison Energy vs Xymobolx and Kion Aminos

When it comes to multivitamins, I was formerly a member of Jeunesse and was paying $60 a bottle of the AM and PM multivitamins and required to have this on auto ship to maintain my rank in that company.

LiveGood business model flips that mold and does not require that you have any monthly purchases of product and you can purchase when you want or need to replenish you supply.

Now if you are a member at just $9.95/month you will get the reduced member pricing which is about $10 less per bottle when compared to retail or non member pricing.  Thus if you purchased two bottles of the 15 available products each month it would be wise to have the membership and save yourself extra money.

Paying just $10 a bottle for the multivitamins is a no brainer compared to $60 in my book.

LiveGood Price Comparison CBD Oil vs Green Road and Young Living

LiveGood Price Comparison Ageless skin serum vs Elta MD and Osmosis Skincare

One the CBD oil front, even my local CBD shop has bottles that are going for $30-40 easily where you think you would be getting the best deal, so $26 as a member again seems to be a no brainer, especially if you are looking to build LiveGood as a business and become a reseller of the products.

All of the products are organically certified and have available certificates of analysis.

The question is whether you want to keep paying higher prices for other companies health products when you can easily get the for low prices with LiveGood.

I have gotten two shipments already of LiveGood products and both times my shipment came in about 4-5 business days.  In chatting with Director of Marketing, Nauder Khazan, they are getting orders and shipping to places like Russia, India and many more around the globe.  I have also had conversations in our Facebook group about people getting packages in Canada, Ireland and Australia to name a few places.

See my LiveGood product unboxing here:

LiveGood Product Unboxing and reveal


LiveGood Products Organic certified and low priced

To join me in this growing disruption of the MLM industry, you can take the company tour at

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