LiveGood Unboxing and Reveal

LiveGood Product Unboxing and Reveal

LiveGood Product Unboxing and Reveal

LiveGood Product unboxing and reveal with supplement details

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In this video I do an unboxing and reveal of five LiveGood nutritional supplements that I ordered when I became a member.

I am super impressed off the bat as I became a member late at night on Thursday January 26, 2023 and I received my box on Monday January 30, 2023 so the warehouse is rocking and you can see what that looks like here:

In this first order I received the following and have included the price I paid as a member (Membership is a one time $49.95 registration fee and then a recurring $9.95/month fee to partake in warehouse pricing)

*Protein: $22

*Super Greens: $18

*Super Reds: $18

*Multivitamin for men: $10

*E3-Energy Booster: $18

Now all of these are extremely competitive with prices you would find at a grocery store, Costco, Walmart etc. and totally flip the price structure of most traditional MLM or Multi-level marketing companies where similar bottles of vitamins or bags of protein can go for $60.

This makes LiveGood the reasonable choice and more obtainable for more people globally.

Yes it is a Global industry and when I contacted support about their shipping restrictions (if any) they replied that they are shipping worldwide and do not have any restrictions.

If you are looking at a great home based business with a low entry point and low priced yet extremely high quality organic certified and gluten free products then I highly recommend giving LiveGood a try by clicking the link at the top of the description or this one here.

So far today after filming this reveal I sampled the E3 Energy booster and it dissolved easily and had a nice berry flavor to it before I had a workout. After my workout I had the Protein mixed with water and it also dissolved well, was nice and creamy and had a nice light vanilla flavor to it.

Looking forward to testing out the others as time goes on and continuing to grow my business with this company.

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