Locked Doors and Chicken Nuggets

I have had quite an interesting day!


First I received two messages from Paypal that I had completed an Ebay Shipping

transaction (two to be specific) that were for over $75 each on items I have not

sold on ebay for a couple months.


I spent some time filing support tickets and talking to ebay about the problem

and have already received notice that these will be reversed…So here is point #1


Check all your important accounts and make sure you update your Passwords

and information so that they do not go viral for someone else.


I was then searching the internet and getting dinner ready when my wife comes

home and locks both sets of keys in the van…Yes, both of them together.


It drives me (no pun intended) nuts that she will take a set, leave it in the car

and then grab the other one the next time around and leave them there as well

or just leave the original pair without putting it back.


So another 30 minutes of my life was wasted with a wire coat hanger, though

after some time, I was successfull in hitting the unlock button on the door and

was able to get in and grab MY set of keys…So here is point #2


Don’t let your wife touch your valuables like your keys!  All kidding aside, it is

important that you have a backup plan for something like this…Keeping

a hidden set of keys or more importantly and similar, have a secondary or

backup removable disk drive that might have all your important stored facts

so that if anything was to come about in your computer that put it at risk,

you would have the backup ready to go!


In all facts of life and business it is better to be proactive than re-active.


Not saying that you should not react now and again in the proper method, but

taking action the first time around helps you get through things a lot easier

should they present themselves in the future.


Backup your files…Save, save, save!


You want to make your life online as much of a “set it and forget it”

lifestyle where you can get things moving and set up the right way

in the beginning and let them flow easily once you set them up.


Having the right tools like an autoresponder to stay in touch with

your list is one of those essential items you need to build your list

and stay active with them.




GVO has all the tools I need from autoresponders to web hosting,

live training and support, templates and much more.


Once you are proactive and get things set up you can always go

back and tweak them to fit the current times, but it will take

a lot less effort.


To help you out even more, I put together a PDF (no opt in needed)

to take you by the hand and walk you through step by step in getting

your own website and email follow up series set up with the GVO





Feel free to let me know if you have any questions with this, though

I think it is pretty straight forward and have heard some positive feedback

from other members of GVO in regards to how it helped them get going.


Point #3…The Chicken nuggets part!  Be sure to put away your plate

of left over chicken nuggets when you go to break into your own car

so that your dog does not jump up and eat the whole plates worth!


To being proactive instead of reactive!


Dave Gardner

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