Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp Part 3

The Two Types Of People To Recruit For Your Business And How To Find Them?

Day 3 of the Boot camp and I am feeling good about the choices I have made, but I know I can do better…

..there is always room for improvement!

It is not about making a big list of your closest friends, family, co-workers and others who you can blurt your 15 minutes of ops to.

It is about getting a targeted list!

Targeted Traffic for your websiteIf you are marketing software products for a blog for example, you want to reach out to blog owners, not just random people on facebook who could care less about setting up or using their own blogs.

Just like you would not promote a football helmet to a ballerina for the most part!

If you are recruiting for a Network marketing program, then promote to people already involved in networking.

These are the people already interested in what you are showing and are more often willing to make a purchase to learn more.

If you can pinpoint those who are already putting some money out towards these products versus those who are just freebie seekers, you will have just about found the golden ticket!

The way of course to do this is through advertising which can pinpoint individuals who are already involved in this and interested in solving more of their problems.

You need to do it the right way though, otherwise you can burn through cash rapidly…

…and there have been lots of changes that have occurred with things like Google Adwords and their algorithms that make it more difficult to gain quality traffic, though places like Facebook have started to take over a larger market share with their own Facebook Ads…

…Which can pinpoint desired characteristics of someone and show them your ads for competitive prices.

You will learn much more about this and other key factors of getting the correct people into your business with your own copy of the book!

Be on the look out for part 4 and how to turn those who say “no” into profits!

To taking action and developing yourself and your leadership role in the world.

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