Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp Part 4 How To Turn The People Who Said No Into Profit

Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp Part 4

How To Turn The People Who Said “No” Into Profit

Have you ever tried to purchase Hope?

Well, people like to gain pleasure or avoid pain right!

Agony of Buyers RemorseOften this is the main thing that keeps them from buying something.

It all stems from emotions and whether they want to acheive some sort of pleasure in your info instead of suffering the pain of not being successful for the rest of time.

The key idea is to make the process of getting started, THEIR idea and not YOUR idea!

It needs to be on their end psychologically so that they become vested as to whether it is something they need to experience pleasure or to help avoid pain.

You want to avoid the process of Buyers Remorse…

…which often takes place after a high “hype” event or webinar might take place and their emotions are on a high end…

…only to come crashing down in a day or more when they rethink what they just did.

Mike Dillard has some great suggestions on how to eliminate this from happening that you need to watch on Day 4 of the Magnetic Sponsoring Bootcamp!

You hint is that a lot of it relates to the idea which I mentioned above, PSYCHOLOGY!

I do not want to just blurt out the points Mike makes here as I think you really need to watch these short daily videos over the next week or so.

To leaning more about the psychology of people!

If you really want to hear about some interesting psychological experiments done in regards to marketing you need to check out Dan Ariely’s book called “Predictably Irrational

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