Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp Part 7 How To Attract Wealth And Distributors To You

Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp Part 7

How To Attract Wealth And Distributors To You

You made it!  Which means you should give yourself a pat on the back because many people out there who are seemingly in the same shoes as you do not ever get this far in taking action!

I have included all the bootcamp overviews below as I have done the past 6 days, but just wanted to give a quick rundown again of what you can learn from Mike Dillard.

Magnetic Sponsoring Bootcamp

1) You learned how to get warm prospects and not drive your family and friends crazy

2) You learned how to get your prospects to just about buy anything…because of YOU, not the product.

3) You learned who were the right types of people to recruit and how to find them

4) You learned how to turn your NO’s into sales

5) You learned how to get paid to prospect with self liquidating offers

6) You learned how and why to write effective ads.

7) Toay you will learn how to attract wealth and distributors to you…when you TAKE ACTION of course!

How to you do this!

“You must be willing to Give without want before you can have”

Understand that they join you because you offered them them a solution to their problems in regards to your leadership or expertise…

…and you can also provide them with a system that helps them solve their problems.

You need to Sell yourself…do not worry about the company or it’s compensation plan.

That company might not be there in a year, but you should be and can continue to grow your relationship with these prospects regardless of who you are with.

You also need to build your network and align yourself with the right people…going to seminars…shake their hands…offer to help them out…

…and Keep records of every contact you are making so that you can show your continual professional growth.

You need to think of where you want to be in 10 years, not just 10 days, 10 weeks or 10 months.

Build yourself a rolodex of the leaders…build a relationship with these guys, not slamming your offers down their throats but instead getting to know like and trust them.

Magnetic Sponsoring Bootcamp

Your goal as Mike says is to continue educating yourself and become so valuable that they feel obligated to join you for the value you have provided and will continue to provide them.

You must also remember to have patience…This life as an internet marketer you are trying to lead should be considered as a marathon and not as a sprint!

To building the biggest rolodex ever!

If you still have not grabbed the full course for Magnetic Sponsoring yet, be sure you do that as well as watching the boot camp videos as they are both integral to developing the business that you now desire!

Magnetic Sponsoring Bootcamp

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