Magnetic Sponsoring Bootcamp Overview and Elite Marketing Pro

Magnetic Sponsoring 7 Day Bootcamp Overview and Elite Marketing Pro

Just click the play button to see my overview of Mike Dillard’s 7 Day Magnetic Sponsoring Bootcamp and find out how you can get even more great marketing tips.  I share a bit about what each day has to offer inside this audio (13 minutes 28 seconds long total)

Listen to Part 1:  Introduction and Bootcamp Days 1-3

Listen to Part 2: Bootcamp Days 4-7

Here is the recap of the main topic you need to jump into with Magnetic Sponsoring:

  1. Why Cold Prospecting Methods Are Dead, And What To Do Now
  2. How To Get Your Prospects To Buy Anything You Sell
  3. The Two Types Of People To Recruit For Your Business And How To Find Them
  4. How To Turn The People Who Said No Into Profit
  5. How To Get Paid To Prospect
  6. How To Write Effective Ads
  7. How To Attract Wealth And Distributors To You

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Just be sure to take action either way!

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